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Clove Extract: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects


Clove is popular for its great versatility and has been a gem for ages. This herbal spice contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Like a lot of healthy foods, cloves are highly effective when you incorporate them into a well-balanced diet.

Clove extract is the concentrated form of cloves’ natural compounds. From culinary delights to health benefits, there are numerous clove extract uses across various traditions and cultures. Clove extract has lots of benefits, from aiding digestion to bone and joint health, throat pain, and ulcers. Clove extract is sweet and aromatic and has been in existence for years. Also, this wonderful herb adds a distinct flavor to a lot of dishes, especially desserts.

The following write-up has everything about clove extract, its uses, benefits, side effects, and more. So, let us take a close look.

What is Clove Extract?

The concentrated form of natural components of cloves is clove extract. These are dry flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree. Acetyleugenol, eugenol, and beta-caryophyllene are the bioactive compounds in clove extract. These compounds have therapeutic effects and health benefits. The health benefits may include reduced inflammation, good oral health, and better digestion. Apart from that, clove extract is also there in many hair care and skin care products like serums, shampoos, creams, and masks.

The versatility of the clove extract makes it a popular choice for both conventional and contemporary medicine.

The Best Clove Extract Benefits

Using clove extract can ensure innumerable benefits owing to its bioactive compounds. Some of the top benefits of clove extract are as follows:

Better Liver Function

You can ensure improved liver function with the use of clove extract. In many clinical studies, it is found that eugenol can aid in lessening the signs of fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis.

Reduced Inflammation

The compounds in the clove are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. It is also proven that cloves can help reduce the body's inflammatory response. This may even lessen the risk of severe conditions like arthritis and aid in dealing with symptoms.

Lower Ulcers

In a majority of cases, ulcers happen because of the thinning of mucus layers, which safeguard the stomach lining. According to previous research, consuming cloves in heavy quantities can help thicken this mucus. Hence, it can lessen the risk of ulcer development and help heal the existing ulcers.

Fewer Free Radicals

Cloves can ward off free radicals due to their antioxidants, like eugenol. Antioxidants help the body combat free radicals that may harm your body cells. When you have eliminated free radicals from the system, the antioxidants in cloves may help lessen the risk of diabetes, certain cancers, or heart ailments.

Fight Oral Problems

Oral problems can show signs like sore gums, mouth and jaw pain, and loose teeth. Cloves contain eugenol, and for ages, it has been used in dentistry. By placing it in the affected area in the mouth for a while, you can ensure the best relief. Moreover, clove is also seen as an antiplaque and antigingivitis agent.

Weight Reduction

Studies show that clove extract aids in stimulating metabolism. It contains anti-cholesteric properties to drop the level of cholesterol. In addition, it raises the metabolic rate as they are combined with cinnamon, cumin seeds, and pepper. Hence, you can expect a reduced weight. 

What are The Uses of Clove?

Cloves are often used as a spice for adding flavor to sauces like ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. This is because they have a pungent taste and aroma. In baking, marinades, soups, and stews, clove has several culinary uses.

Moreover, due to the antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds in clove, it has natural preservative properties. Thus, the other uses of clove extract include preserving food, which prevents spoilage and restricts fungi and bacteria development.

Potential Side Effects of Clove Extract

Clove is full of potent compounds that can assure many health benefits. But, when taking clove, it is good to take into consideration its potential side effects, which can be:


Hypoglycemia occurs when the level of blood sugar in the body drops too low. Anyone who is diabetic and taking clove extract may experience lower blood glucose. However, taking cloves in excess may result in low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, which can be detrimental.

Drug Interactions

Clove extract may interact with several medicines, such as blood thinners, anticoagulants, and liver-metabolized pharmaceuticals. Before using clove extract, you must also contact a healthcare practitioner, especially if you are using drugs or have underlying health concerns.

Liver Toxicity

In extremely rare instances, taking clove extract in excess or heavy doses of eugenol might induce liver toxicity or injury. This danger is higher for people who have pre-existing liver issues or who take significant amounts of clove extract regularly. 

Precautions to Take When Using Clove Extract

One should be wary of the preventive measures while taking clove extract. Here is what you need to keep in mind for safe and effective ingestion:

Use Moderately

Clove extract has lots of potential health benefits, but it is good if taken moderately. Heavy ingestion of clove extract can cause adverse effects like gastrointestinal disturbances, skin irritation, and allergic reactions.

Avoid Exposure to Eyes

Clove extract may be responsible for irrigation in the eyes due to close exposure. So, you should avoid applying it close to a small area of the skin. Also, you must wait for 24 hours to watch for any negative effects before using it more extensively.

Avoid Ingestion

It is safe to use clove extract in minimal quantities for culinary purposes. However, it may be risky to take a heavy amount of concentrated clove extract. You must follow the recommended dosage guidelines before using it. Also, do not consume undiluted clove extract to prevent adverse effects like liver toxicity and nausea.

Consider Diluting

Before using, it is good to dilute the clove extract as it is highly concentrated. You can prefer mixing the extract with water or a carrier oil. This would help lessen its concentration and prevent skin irritation and sensitivity.

Do Skin Sensitivity Test

If you want to externally use clove extract, consider a skin sensitivity test. This way, you can check for any allergies or sensitivity. Apply a tiny amount to a small section of skin. Wait for 24 hours to see any signs of negative effects.  

Seek Advice From an Expert

Consult with a healthcare expert if you are experiencing any chronic conditions or allergies before you use clove extract. An expert can give the appropriate suggestion based on the individual’s needs.

What is Red Clover?

Like beans and peas, red clover is also a member of the legume plant family. Red clover, or Trifolium pretense, is a flowery plant that people consume as a legume. It is also used in supplements that are especially for women. Phytoestrogens are the chemicals found in red clover. These chemical compounds are quite similar to estrogen (the hormone found in females).

In the earliest years, red clover was used as a fine remedy for treating asthma, gout, and whooping cough. Nowadays, red clover extracts or supplements are widely known for alleviating symptoms of menopause, osteoporosis, and elevated cholesterol.

The Benefits and Uses of Red Clover

Red clover is good for many health concerns. For your body, red clover has numerous benefits. Along with that, you can use red clover extract for hair and skin. Here is a detailed explanation of the benefits of red clover:

Help With Skin and Hair Health

Red clover is an incredible remedy for curing skin and hair issues. As per many modern-day studies, it is effective, but further research is still needed to prove that it works for skin and hair. 


Good for Heart

In many studies, it is proven that red clover can be beneficial for postmenopausal women's heart health. Researchers believe that the isoflavones found in red clover are the active ingredient responsible for this response.

Alleviate Menstrual Problems

Menstrual problems are common, and some women use phytoestrogens to get relief. The level of estrogen is likely to decline through a woman’s menstrual cycle and may result in signs of discomfort. Red clover extract has phytoestrogens, which can help alleviate menstrual abnormalities and problems.

Relieve Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Red clover has a high degree of isoflavones. So, it is thought to drop the level and severity of certain menopausal signs, such as hot flashes and night sweats. Some studies claim that there is no reduction in menopausal symptoms with the use of red clover. But, other studies have reported positive effects.

Red Clover vs Clove 

In appearance, the red clover looks like vibrant pink-red flower heads and trifoliate leaves. Cloves, on the other hand, appear as small, aromatic buds and are dark brown.

Unlike clove, you cannot use red clover as a culinary spice, but you can consume it as a tea or a supplement. Red clover is high in a variety of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals. Clove is rich in essential oils, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. 

Where Can you Get The Most Effective Clove Extract?

When searching for the most effective clove extract, you may have to keep in mind certain things, like quality, sourcing, and purity. Since there is a horde of similar products available, you might go through extensive research. But you can end your search here, as you prefer buying Shea’s Apothecary Clove. 

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By introducing Shea’s Apothecary Clove into your routine, you can enhance digestion and circulation. With routine consumption of clove, you can also lower the risk of chronic ailments and promote overall health.

Other problems that Shea’s Apothecary Clove can treat include headache, back pain, joint, and toothache.

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Clove extract is a natural remedy that is both versatile and has many medicinal benefits. It serves as a natural preservative in various dental care and skincare products. From boosting immunity to reducing body pain and inflammation, clove has a myriad of benefits. In addition, for diabetics, clove can improve insulin sensitivity and help the effective functioning of insulin. So why not add it to your routine diet? But, before taking anything like a clove extract, consult a health expert.

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