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Herbal Tinctures

All of Shea’s Apothecary products are developed, formulated and manufactured from certified organically grown  Read More

Herbal Tinctures


All of Shea’s Apothecary products are developed, formulated and manufactured from certified organically grown or wild harvested herbs, flowers and spices.


To ensure quality and freshness, we extract herb in small batches. These natural extracts are the foundation of the herbal remedies designed by our experienced and knowledgeable Master Herbalist Shea Darrow. 


Shea's Apothecary works with nature’s cycles to assure the highest potency. Each herb is extracted according to its distinct characteristics and medicinal properties of that plant as well as using the cycle of the moon and the season of the planets.


Our tinctures are infused for two months or longer in glass jars and hand-shaken daily. They are then pressed, filtered, poured and labeled all by hand. This process assures the most potent herbal extracts and tinctures. 


The tinctures are easily assimilated, convenient and can extract a wider range of medicinal properties than dried herbs and capsules. They have a shelf life of three years or more

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