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Our relief tincture is a natural botanical product that relieves chronic pain. It is an anti-inflammatory herbal formula that reduces irritation and swelling. We create this tincture to help reduce the problems associated with exercise and aging.


Tincture Details


Relief tincture is 100% drug-free and contains herbs for pain relief. We created this tincture with years of research. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy for swelling and pain.


  • Relief tincture is available in 2,4, and 8-oz dropper bottles.

  • It has 40-60 total servings.

  • Take 1-2 droppers in ½ cup of mild water.


Herbs Included In Relief Tincture


Our relief tincture is a combination of various herbal remedies. We included the following powerful herbs:




It is a natural antioxidant that is found in turmeric. Curcumin provides instant pain relief and works directly on the nervous system. Experts suggest taking this herb as a tincture to enjoy its other health benefits.




Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscle pain and soreness. It is one of the best pain relief herbs that show faster results. The liquid form of this herb is also effective in bringing resistance during exercise.




The resins of Boswellia are widely used as pills, tinctures, and topical treatments to cure asthma problems. It boosts the immune system and works faster than NSAID pain relievers. Using it in prescribed doses also prevents the kidney from further damage.




Our relief tincture contains a specific amount of rosemary used to strengthen muscles and bones. It is an effective herb in treating arthritis, gout problems, and muscle contraction.




This herb is part of the Scutellaria plant family and has a long history of medicinal use. There is scientific evidence that skullcaps are effective in treating insomnia. It is also used to treat high blood pressure, dysentery, inflammation, and diarrhea.


Black Pepper


It prevents free radicals from damaging the body. Piperine is an active compound of this herb that reduces inflammation in the body.


Don’t let yourself suffer from chronic pain; order your relief tincture now.



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