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Introducing Solé Water, a revolutionary product that helps you rehydrate every cell in your body. Created with Kristos Love and infused with Sound Frequencies, Solé Water is a unique blend of Himalayan salt and purified water that provides essential minerals and electrolytes to your body. Our product is perfect for those who are looking to boost their energy levels, improve their digestion, and support their overall well-being. Try Solé Water today and experience the benefits of rehydration like never before. As always, Shea's Apothecary is committed to bringing you the best health products that are all-natural, safe, and effective.


Solé Water provides an easy daily boost to our electrolytes and gut health!

Additionally, proponents often claim that sole water can: 1. improves digestion 2. assists in detox and balances pH in your body 3. balances blood sugar 4. improves bone health 5. boosts energy levels 6. acts as an antihistamine that fights allergic reactions.

Sole water is the combination of natural, unrefined salts and minerals and water. This mixture is a brine with a high concentration of electrolytes, which is taken every morning as a nutritional supplement.  There is some age-old evidence that not only is salt not harmful, but that consuming it daily (in a certain form) can be very beneficial for health.

When you combine water and natural salt, the positive ions in salt surround the negative ions of the water molecules and vice versa. The result of this is a completely new structure that is better absorbed by the body.

  • Electrolytes: Sole water contains the necessary electrolytes that provide you with the minerals you need to function and maintain a high energy level.
  • Improvement of digestion: Sole water stimulates the digestive system and naturally promotes regularity. It is also beneficial for detoxing the body and balancing the PH in your body.
  • Increases Energy: Minerals and energy stored in sole boosts energy in the body.  It is like recharging your bodies battery.
  • Can Improves blood sugar and blood pressure levels: Some people notice improvements in blood sugar levels and contrary to what we often hear, many people notice a reduction in blood pressure from using Sole Water.
  • Can be beneficial in Losing weight: By improving digestion and nourishing the body on a cellular level, Sole can help promote weight loss.
  • Hydrates every cell in your body.  Sole Water can play an essential role in maintaining fluid balance in your body.
  • Can help Decrease muscle cramps.
  • Can help improve sleep patterns.

It is interesting to note that the conventional treatment for many of the above problems includes removing excess salt/sodium from the diet. While table salt could certainly have a negative effect and is best avoided, natural salt contains over 84 minerals and is incredibly nourishing for the body. 

Solé Water "Rehydrate Every Cell in Your Body"

  • These statements has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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