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Get a 100% natural & organic formula that keeps cholesterol levels balanced. Our CVH tincture contains natural herbs that naturally improve the vascular system. It is easy to use and brings positive results. We use the combinational approach of herbal and botanical medicines to keep the arteries clean.


Tincture Details


The CVH cholesterol vascular health is made from top-quality herbal ingredients. Each of the herbs for high cholesterol used in this tincture can help dissolve the LDL in the arteries. The highlights of our tincture are as follows:


  • A herbal tincture is available in a amber glass bottle.

  • It is made from 100% natural ingredients that improve the vascular system.

  • Our tincture is proven to manage the levels of cholesterol and support vascular health.

  • It is a mixture of 6 of the best botanical (herbal) medicines to support heart health.

  • This herbal tonic is effective in improving the vascular system.

  • Available in alcohol and apple cider vinegar base formula.


Benefits of CVH Vascular (Heart) Health Tonic


Our tincture is available in a fluid form that easily digests in the body. We also ensure to add only natural herbs and ingredients that are non-habit forming. The benefits of using CVH herbal tincture are as follows:

  • Can help Improve the circulation of the blood in the body

  • Can help in preventing cell damage

  • Can treat various cardiovascular diseases

  • Can lower the cholesterol levels

  • Can Decrease the oxidative stress

  • Can help balance the contraction of heart muscles


Herbs We Use In This Tincture


We use various herbs that lower cholesterol in this tincture as well as making this healing formula with two different base formula of apple cider vinegar or Alcohol.  CVH Cholesterol health tincture is prepared from the following herbs:




Ginger offers various health benefits, and one of them is lowering cholesterol levels. It is one of the widely used herbs for reducing the risk of a heart attack. When you consume ginger extract daily, it also reduces inflammation and boosts immunity.




Garlic aids in lowering blood pressure and reduces the levels of high cholesterol. The polysulfides in garlic promote blood vessel health, blood pressure reduction, and hence also heart rate regulation. Garlic could also reverse early heart disease and plaque buildup in the arteries. It is an edible herb known for its medical use for centuries. Consuming garlic in a tincture form offers concentrated benefits over raw garlic .


Black Pepper


The extract of black pepper is a trusted way to balance cholesterol levels. When used with piperine, it strengthens the heart muscles. Black pepper is also vital in any herbal medicine as it increases the absorption of active compounds by 2000%.


Hawthorn Berry


This shrub is a part of the rose family. It is a vital herb used in medicines for the heart. When you take it in a prescribed dose, it may also help in treating mild heart diseases. The hawthorn berries also lower blood pressure.




The curcumin component of turmeric has lipid-lowering effects that lower cholesterol levels. Its tincture form affects low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglyceride levels. Our tincture contains turmeric to promote the health of the heart.




Cinnamon has various antioxidant properties that lower the risk of cardiac attack. It doesn’t cause any negative effects and digest easily. Another health benefit of taking cinnamon as a tincture is that it reduces inflammation.


Our CVH Cholesterol Health tincture is power-packed with six herbal extracts. It is a proven formula to reduce the risk of various heart diseases. So, give your heart complete protection by balancing the cholesterol levels with CVH Cholesterol Health tincture. 


Enjoy the ultimate health benefits by ordering the tincture now.



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