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Ease your anxiety and stress with our all-new Stress Be Gone Tincture. We made this herbal tincture from natural herbs that have a proven record of improving relaxation. It is a soothing mixture that eases stress and anxiety. 


Shea’s Apothecary herbal extract tincture is available in 2, 4, and 8 oz dropper bottles and starts showing the results from the first dose. It contains various herbs for stress that are rarely found in modern medicines.


Tincture Details


“STRESS BE GONE” tincture is the fluid composition of various natural herbs. You can use it daily in prescribed doses to get long-term benefits. The supplements facts of this tincture are as follows:


Tincture Details

Supplement Facts

Size of tincture bottle

2oz/60ml, 4oz/120ml, 8oz/240ml

Directions of use

Shake it well before using and take it up to 3 times in a day with a prescription from a doctor.

Serving doses

1-2 droppers in a diluted form.

Serving per tincture bottle

40-60 serving in dropper size


Ingredients of Stress Be Gone Tincture


Our tincture is a herb formula that boosts energy. It has soothing properties that calm down the restlessness of the body. Here is the list of herbs used to produce this tincture:




Valerian is a famous plant found in Europe and Asia. We use the natural form of this root in our tincture to add stress-relieving benefits. It helps in improving sleep problems and works as a stress reliever.


Passion Flower


The passion flower is one of the best herbs for relaxation and stress. It has anxiety-calming effects that bring a calm feeling. Experts suggest consuming this herb as a tincture to get faster results.




Rhodiola is well known for its various health benefits for the nervous system. At Shea’s Apothecary, we naturally extract this herb and blend it into a tincture. It boosts energy and enhances the memorizing power.


Rose Petals


The rose petals ease the state of mind and help with stress and anxiety. They also lower stress levels when taken in liquid form. Our “STRESS BE GONE” tincture contains the regulated amount of this herb.




Fennel herb has anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for treating inflammation problems. The study also shows that the consumption of fennel in the right amount can help ease anxiety disorders among women. The best way to take this herb is in a tincture form.




Catnip herb, also known as catmint, reduces restlessness in the body. It is widely used in treating health problems like insomnia and indigestion. Doctors suggest using this herb in specific amounts to avoid its side effects.


You can get the benefits and power of all these herbs in one place now. Our tincture has the best stress-relieving properties and is safe for different age groups. Shop “STRESS BE GONE” from our online shop now.



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