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Antiviral tincture protects you from viral infection by strengthening the immune system. It is a natural remedy formula that contains antiviral herbs like cloves, ginger, licorice, etc. Our tincture formula is backed by research and proven to cure viral fever, cold, flu, and other infections.


Tincture Details


Antiviral tincture is a herbal remedy that assists with a viral illness. Here are the details of this tincture:


  • Quantity of tincture in a bottle: 2oz/60ml, 4oz/120ml, 8oz/240ml

  • Serving doses: 1-2 droppers in a diluted form

  • Directions of use: Shake it before use and take 1-3 drops in a day

  • Total serving doses: 40-60 servings in a dropper size (depending on the size of the bottle)  


Ingredients Of Tincture


During the production process, we researched each ingredient before using it. Each of the herbs and solutions used in it is natural and safe.


Ingredients Of Antiviral Herbal Tincture

Benefits Of Each Ingredient


Fights against viral infections and enhances the immune system


Prevent microbe infections and boosts the immune system


Helps in fighting against viruses and bacteria


Prevents viral infection by raising the body temperature

Licorice Root

Eases the upper respiratory infections, treats ulcers and aid digestion


Various Health Benefits Of Antiviral Tincture


Our antiviral tincture offers various health benefits without causing any side effects. It has multiple natural herbs that effectively treat viral infections due to seasonal changes.


Boosts The Immune System


The major reason behind getting viral infections is a weak immune system. Thus, we prepared this antiviral formula that allows the body to attack viral pathogens.


Inhibit The Development Of Viruses


The viruses in the body spread at a faster rate. Our tincture contains the Astragalus herb known to block the development of viruses in the body. 


Treat Ulcers


Due to the availability of licorice root; the Antiviral tincture also treats ulcers. It is essential to use this health tonic in a controlled manner to see positive results.


Protect yourself and your loved ones from viral infections using our Antiviral tincture. Our tincture is packed with the top five antiviral herbs. Buy it at an effective price now!



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