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Sleep tinctures are medically reviewed and act as a natural sleep aid. Pure sleep is a naturally extracted herbal tincture for better sleep. It contains natural herbs that help deal with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a 100% alcohol-free and non-habit-forming tincture available in dropper bottles. We have formulated this tincture with various herbs that quiet mental chatter and provide calmness during sleep.


Herbs Included In The Pure Sleep Tincture


Natural herbs have various health benefits, including relieving stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Sleep herbs like ashwagandha have herbal properties that improve sleep without causing any side effects. Shea’s Apothecary’s pure sleep tincture is a powerful blend of natural herbs proven to improve sleep cycles. The following are the herbs included in this tincture:




Ashwagandha is a natural herb that is widely used in traditional medicinal practices. It has the property of improving the quality of sleep. This adaptogenic herb increases mental resilience to stress when taken as a tincture.




A mild sedative herb that helps treat insomnia and stress. Our pure sleep tincture calms an upset stomach and helps deal with anxiety. 


Passion Flower


Passionflower is a sedative herb widely used to regularize the sleeping pattern. It has anxiety-relieving properties that provide calmness during sleep. When the passion flower is mixed with other herbs in the form of tincture, it also calms the nerves, irritability, and restlessness. 


Valerian Root


It is one of the best herbs for sleep and an excellent sedative that causes no side effects. Valerian root is helpful for anyone who has insomnia. If you cannot sleep due to muscle pain, this herb also acts as a pain reliever.


California Poppy


California Poppy is a herb widely known for improving the quality of sleep. According to the experts, when you take it in the form of tincture, it makes you fall asleep. It is also helpful in controlling restlessness and anxiety.




It is a sedative herb that decreases the time you take to fall asleep. Few studies show that hops have the potential to improve sleep quality. When it is taken with valerian root in tincture form, it relieves anxiety.


You can get all these herbs in the form of tincture. Our pure sleep tincture doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is available in tincture form and causes no side effects.


Directions Of Use


You can take the prescribed doses of pure sleep tincture with the help of a dropper bottle.


  • Dilute the 1-3 drops of tincture with water and drink 10 minutes before going to bed.

  • You can increase the doses if required or consult with your doctor.

  • Pure sleep tincture is not suitable for pregnant women.

  • It is advised not to exceed the doses or use it as a substitute for diet.

  • Please consult with a medical expert before taking it along with other medications.


Enhance the quality of your sleep with our expert-tested pure sleep tincture. It is a composition of ancient herbs that reduce anxiety and stress. Don’t let sleepless nights ruin your productive days. Get calmness and relaxation during sleep by taking a few drops of this tincture daily. Order your sleep tincture at an effective price now!



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