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There is so much in Store

With Shea's Healing Way

Our Products

Shea’s Apothecary offers a unique approach to integrative health and well-being by utilizing energetic Herbal and Vibrational Therapies.  Our primary focus is to promote healing in each individual irrespective of the disease or condition they have and to stimulate their innate healing power. 


Shea’s Apothecary creates, formulates and manufactures vibrational medicines such as topical herbal and vitamin  patches, unique and custom herbal tinctures as well as healing herbal teas. 


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"Loved their herbal products so much. I have been using Shea’s topical patches for the last six months. They are easy to use and 100% safe. In fact, the size of the patch is 1.5 inches, and it works perfectly at different temperatures. I highly recommend this product to everyone. I will definitely try their other products as well." 

Alesha H.

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