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Best Herbal Tinctures To Boost Your Immune System

In ancient times, herbs were the major form of medical treatment and quite common in daily life. They would have been a contributing factor for longer and healthier lives as well. The form may have changed, but the essence remains the same. Now that people realize their unhealthy lifestyles, they are moving towards healthier alternatives.

Now there is more than one type of herbal tincture available. It also indicates the different health benefits that each tincture brings. These include improvement in sleeping patterns, mental health, indigestion, etc. And another crucial benefit is the boost to the immune system. Even throughout history, herbs have been associated with strong immunity and better health.

So, it makes sense to associate herbal tinctures with immunity. Keeping that in mind, we will cover all the aspects of the immune system and herbal tinctures. Let’s begin!

Overview Of Immune System

Let’s start by giving an overview of the immune system and why it is important for you.

The immune system is the system in our body that helps in fighting against unwanted foreign particles, protecting us from diseases. It is essentially the system to fight off diseases and keep our bodies strong and healthy. A robust immune system is a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle. And that is why many nutritional and dietary supplements emphasize the “immunity boosting” part, even if the product is not as capable.

So, it is important to maintain a robust immune system to live a long and healthy life.

The Importance Of A Strong Immune System In Your Daily Life

As we already mentioned, it is the fighting capacity of the body against diseases and infections. It can protect against viruses, parasites, and other invading microbes. However, a strong immune system also contains some other benefits. These benefits are as follows:

Boost Your Healing Capability

The healing capacity for every individual is not the same. For some, the healing process is a lot quicker than for others. One contrasting difference between them would be their health. A healthy person is supposed to heal much quicker from a wound or cut. And immunity plays a big role in that as well.

The faster recovery in individuals with strong immunity is due to the action of immune cells acting up. Wondering how? Let’s find out!

You might have experienced swelling or redness on and around the area of injury. The immune system releases cells that enter that area, and it is only possible due to the swelling or redness in that area. This is the first layer of immune cells that are responsible for removing bacteria and foreign particles from the injury or wound.

Then the coming layers of immune cells act up on the wound accordingly in order to start the tissue repair and remodel process. The time it takes to complete the process varies depending on the degree of injury and the immune system’s strength.

We hope that you now understand how your immune system affects your healing capacity.

You Will Feel More Active Throughout The Day

Another perk of having an immune system boost is to stay more active and fresh in your daily life. The logic behind this is the health benefits of strong immunity, which helps in revitalization.

However, it factors in the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and immunity. They have a correlation, but both of them can impact the other. A healthy lifestyle can provide you with a boost to the immune system. On the other hand, the immune system can help you to balance your lifestyle and keep you fresh and active. In contrast, a weak immune system will bring more fatigue and low energy levels.

The Likelihood Of Falling Ill Reduces

Many individuals are susceptible to changes in weather and the weather itself. That is because of their weak immune systems. It is only then that people start emphasizing the importance of immunity.

And the simple reason for that is a robust immune system goes hand in hand with lesser chances of falling ill. We all know the importance of a strong immune system in fighting off diseases. But not everyone has a strong immune system to fight off infections and diseases. Don’t worry too much about that, as we will be sharing ways to boost your immune system in the coming sections.

But are you aware of the process that goes on to make that happen? If not, then let us describe it in the simplest way possible.

There are many cells in our bodies that provide the necessary protection to it from invasive particles and organisms. It contains antibodies that fight off these particles and keep us healthy. Now you may be wondering, if they fight and fend them off, then how do we get ill? The answer is that the body may not have the antibodies for a certain organism when it enters the system for the first time. This can get people sick. However, the body starts to recognize the organisms and starts developing an affinity for them. That is how our body develops immunity to a disease.

It is not necessary that a person with strong immunity never falls ill. However, having such an immune system surely reduces the chance of falling ill. And that is why many people focus on building habits that help them in doing so.

What Are Herbal Tinctures & How Are They Beneficial?

Now that you have a bit more understanding of the benefits and functioning of the immune system, let’s turn to herbal tinctures and see how they help with developing strong immunity.

Herbal tinctures are a form of medicine that uses plants known as herbs. They are mostly natural and therefore become a much safer option to consume than other forms of medicine. There are many herbal tinctures with different herb components as their ingredient. The benefits they provide can also differ from the ingredients. However, the one thing that is common in many tinctures is their properties to boost the immune system.

Different types of herbal tinctures can have different health benefits, such as

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Improving digestion

  • Better sleeping patterns

  • Fighting off infections and harmful microorganisms

The best and most common way to consume herbal tinctures is by oral intake after mixing in tea or similar liquids. There are also tinctures that are good for the skin and can be applied directly on it, like lotions.

How To Find The Best Tinctures To Boost Your Immune System?

There are certain criterion requirements that a tincture should fulfill to be on the list of best tinctures. We will provide you with the methods which can help you in finding the best tincture to strengthen your immune system.

The following guidelines will ensure that you find the best tincture for you.

  • First, ensure that the brand of tincture you are looking to buy from is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Also, don’t forget to check the ingredients before purchasing a tincture. That is because some brands may claim to be providing natural products, but the ingredients say otherwise.

  • While many herbal tinctures boost immunity, the health benefits they provide can vary. So, do check that the tincture has the specific features you are

  • looking for.

If you are looking for a tincture to improve your immune system, we will share some suggestions in the next section.

Best Tinctures To Strengthen The Immune System

Shea’s Apothecary is the one-stop solution for all your well-being and health needs. We have products and services that cater to the individual’s needs. Check out some of our best tinctures that work well on the immune system.

Mycology Wisdom Extract (Medicinal Mushrooms)


The tincture is available in two types: Alcohol tincture and Apple cider vinegar. It has effective antioxidant properties that work strongly to balance the immune system. You can get the effects of 5 medicinal mushrooms in this tincture. These are:

  • Lion’s mane

  • Turkey Tail

  • Chaga

  • Cordyceps sinensis

  • Reishi

The properties of this tincture are as follows:

  • Adaptogenic, which helps in fighting off stress & fatigue.

  • Good for the elimination of toxins

  • Has protective and liver regenerative abilities

  • It has antiviral properties, which are helpful in fighting against many viruses.

  • A good source of melanin and antioxidants

Antiviral Tincture


The tincture is available in different volumes, and you can purchase the one that suits your needs. The antiviral tincture is good for protection against viral infections, just as the name suggests. It does so by strengthening the immune system and has many herbs for antiviral properties. The formula for this tincture has a lot of research to back it up and make it effective.

The health benefits of this tincture are as follows:

  • Boost the immune system

  • Inhibition of virus development

  • It can be effective in treating ulcers

The ingredients that make this tincture effective are as follows:

  • Astragalus

  • Cloves

  • Licorice Root

  • Goldenseal

  • Ginger

Adapto Calm Tincture

Adapto is one of our special tinctures that consists of many natural herbs. It is a calming tincture that is helpful in boosting the immune system. The tincture is good to help you relieve your mental & physical exhaustion. Its ingredients make it twice as effective for providing relief.

It is a blend of numerous natural herbs, and its ingredients are:

  • Ashwagandha

  • Distilled Agua

  • Licorice Root

  • Holy Basil

  • Ginseng Root

  • Brahmi

  • Astragalus

  • Organic Grain Alcohol

  • Rhodiola

  • Eleuthero root

The health benefits of this tincture are:

  • Two times effective in relieving mental and physical stress

  • Improves body balance

  • Removes the toxins and blockages from the nervous system

  • Improves stamina and endurance

Are Tinctures Good For Everyone?

Herbal tinctures are mostly safe to use. However, tinctures, in general, can have many side effects despite their benefits. Now, there is no such thing as a risk-free medicine. Some side effects of tinctures include:

  • They can react adversely to medications.

  • There can be certain allergies for some individuals.

  • Some can experience headaches, sensitivity, or dizziness.

  • There are some herbs that may be the cause of sleeplessness in certain individuals.

There can be other severe side effects as well. And that is why herbal tinctures are preferred over others. So, while tinctures are good, do beware of the fact that you should consult a healthcare professional before using them.

Additional: Useful Tips To Improve Your Immunity

Tinctures are indeed good for health and keeping up your immune system, and there is no doubt about that. However, it does not mean that you should rely solely on them to lead a healthy life. You should also put emphasis on inculcating daily habits that align with your health goals. And that is why, in this section, we will cover some healthy habits that you can add to your life.

Start Eating Healthy

Nutrients are the building blocks of the body. And that is why you should focus on a nutrient-rich diet. It is one of the best and also the simplest way to develop and lead a healthy life. You can do so by eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing food with high calories and less nutritional value (essentially junk food), etc.

Incorporating a healthy diet into your daily lifestyle will ensure that you get the following nutrients.


There are many health benefits that antioxidants contain, such as

  • Reducing the risk of certain heart diseases and cancers

  • Supports a healthy aging process and mental health, as well

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Good for eyes and brain functioning

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the regular functioning of the body. They are also important for

  • Fighting infections

  • Healing of wounds

  • Providing bone strength

  • Regulation of hormones


Proteins are an important part of a healthy diet. They are made up of amino acids that are essential for

  • Building and repairing bones and muscles

  • Making hormones and enzymes

  • A useful source of energy

All these and some other essential nutrients help our brain and body to function properly while keeping us vitalized. It can also improve the WBC (white blood cell) count in our body, which is essential for strong immunity.

Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity or exercise is a healthy habit, no matter the purpose of doing it. It ensures that your body remains strong and flexible, which in turn ensures immunity. Now, it does not mean that the amount of physical activity has to be rigorous. Even if you follow simple exercises and stretches daily, you will be able to maintain a good and healthy body.

Some perks of exercising regularly are:

  • Better immunity

  • You will feel more active throughout the day, physically as well as mentally

  • The ability to perform day-to-day activities will also improve drastically

  • Elevate your mood and spirit

  • Improvement in sleep patterns

For customized exercise guides, you can follow YouTube channels or look for a professional. However, if you are already aware of the exercise that you can easily do, then, by all means, go for it.

If you are looking for easy physical activity, walking would be your go-to choice. Rope skipping or cycling are also available for more agility and flexibility.

Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated

Water is just as essential for a healthy body as a good balanced diet. That is why you should also put emphasis on drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. Depending on your body, you can drink more as well. However, 2 litres is the minimum for an adult.

There are many health professionals that say that hydration is good for blood regulation and lymph. That is because whatever physical activity we perform, it makes us lose some amount of water. The loss depends on the degree of activity that you perform. So, it is important to stay hydrated to keep your body up and running.