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What Does A Digestive Tincture Do? Does It Really Work?

Digestive issues give birth to numerous health problems. And the worst is you have to compromise on having your favorite dishes, especially spicy food. While many over-the-counter medications are on the market for digestive issues, none come without any side effects. Thus, regularly consuming these medications starts impacting other health aspects in the long run.

So, what is the solution? Well, herbs are something that works for our body without any side effects. Also, many herbs are potent to completely resolve the issue when taken in a limited amount over a specific period of time.

Yes, we know finding the herbs, extracting juices from them, preserving them, and then consuming them seems a lot of work. And thus, herbal digestive tinctures are becoming popular these days. If it's your first time hearing about digestive tincture, there must be several questions on your mind. What are digestive tinctures? What is used to make a digestive tincture? Are digestive tinctures 100% natural? And how can a digestive tincture help you with digestive issues without causing any side effects?

Thus, here we will try to answer all of these questions so you can decide whether you should switch from stomach medications to herbal digestive tinctures.

What Exactly Are Digestive Tinctures?

Digestive tincture is a liquid formula of various herbs and alcohol. The most common herbs added in a digestive tincture are gentian root, dandelion, bitter melon, and artichoke leaf.

Also, these tinctures are best used for detoxification, improving digestion, and controlling blood sugar. Since digestive tinctures are gaining popularity, people are incorporating them into their diet.

Medicinal Benefits Of Digestive Tinctures

Whether digestive tinctures provide therapeutic benefits or not requires more in-depth research. But it has somewhat shown to be partially effective in the following cases:

Producing More Saliva

The saliva in your body contains enzymes that aid in breaking down the food you eat. Digestive tinctures may also help in producing more saliva. It can be helpful in the digestion process.

Eases Appetite

In a study, it was found that those who used bitter herbs consumed fewer calories. Digestive tinctures may work on bitter receptors within the digestive tract. Besides, this leads to more secretion of gut hormones, which gives you a feeling of fullness.

Release Gastric Juice

Pepsin and stomach acid are some chemicals that are there in your stomach. These chemicals aid in breaking down food. If you take a tincture for digestion, you will allow your stomach to produce more gastric juice. You may also find relief from cramps, indigestion, and heartburn.

What Is The Right Amount Of Dosage For Digestive Tincture?

The amount of dosage for digestive tincture may vary from product to product. If you are looking to use one, read the instructions on the packaging.

There is no option to get away from the bitter taste of these tinctures. Moreover, experts state that if the tincture doesn't taste bitter, you won't be able to enjoy the desired benefits.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking Digestive Tincture?

Digestive tinctures are not meant to be used by everyone. Anyone considering them should understand certain things. Digestive tinctures aren't authorized by the FDA like vitamins and supplements. So, it may be difficult to determine the concentrations.

Those considering the use of digestive tinctures must be aware of these risks:

Stomach Problems

If your digestive system works great, using digestive tinctures may upset your stomach. It may make a great amount of acid inside your stomach and cause other problems like:

  • Cramping

  • Bloating

  • Nausea

  • Heartburn

Worsened Underlying Conditions

If you are having any of these conditions, you must skip the idea of taking digestive tinctures:

  • Hiatal hernia

  • Liver problems

  • Peptic ulcers

  • Gallbladder disease

  • Diabetes

  • Kidney stones

Interaction With Medicines

You must take these tinctures as if you are taking any vitamin or supplement. Digestive tinctures may adversely interact with your prescribed medicines. So, it is better to talk to your doctor before trying them.

Tinctures for digestion may interact with the blood pressure, medicines, or insulin you are taking. Therefore, you should be wary of this and get a doctor's advice before starting consumption.

What Ingredients Should Be There In a Digestive Tincture?

Ingredients are one of the critical things to consider when buying a digestive tincture. A digestive tincture should be a blend of herbs and spices like:

  • Artichoke

  • Black cumin seed

  • Licorice root

  • Fennel seed

  • Orange peel

  • Coriander seed

  • Burdock root

How To Use A Digestive Tincture?

Digestive tinctures can show great benefits if you take them regularly. You can get a lot of help if you are having digestion problems. Use them if you are undergoing digestive distress that makes your life difficult.

What Is The Right Time To Take A Digestive Tincture?

Generally, it is recommended to take digestive tinctures about half an hour before having a meal. Just drop the prescribed dosage onto your tongue and let the bitter receptors activate. Further, hold it in your mouth till you start feeling salivating, and swallow it.

Is Digestive Tincture Good For Weight Loss?

Some individuals think that digestive tinctures aid in reducing weight. It is true that some tinctures stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body that reduce hunger. But, mainly, the acid level in digestive tinctures lessens your appetite as they taste bitter.

Which Is The Best Tincture For Digestion?

A horde of options may be available in the market, but you need to choose the one that works for you. Here are a few of the best digestive tinctures you can buy:

Digestive Balance Tincture

Digestive balance not only helps with an upset stomach but also curbs sugar cravings and relieves heartburn. The other benefits of taking this tincture include a balanced appetite and controlled blood sugar levels.

This tincture has some of the most potent spices and herbs promoting healthy digestion. You can have it before meals to stroke the appetite or after meals for better comfort. You can buy this tincture in sizes like 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz. The price of this product is around $18.

Triphala Tincture

Triphala tincture can offer exceptional benefits. It is an Ayurvedic tonic, and its key ingredients are haritaki, bibhitaki, amalaka, and organic grain alcohol. You can notice the difference from the very first dosage. Besides helping with digestion, the tincture supports weight reduction and control of gingivitis.

The Triphala tincture is trusted by many and works two times faster. All to expect from this expert-tested tincture is fast, better results. This tincture costs about $18 and is available in various sizes, including 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz.

Digestive Calm Tincture

Digestive Calm Tincture is an excellent blend of spices and herbs. The formula effectively enhances digestion without aggravating excessive heat in the digestive tract. Excessive heat can bring about problems like heartburn, inflammation, and ulcers.

The key ingredients of this tincture include licorice root, orange peel, fennel seed, and burdock root. Go for this product for a healthy digestive acid level and relief from an upset stomach. It is available in varying sizes- 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz and costs $18.

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