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Can a CBD Topical Patch Really Ease Pain?

It goes without saying that CBD topical patches comprise CBD and other ingredients people use on their skin. These pain patches give the same effects as nicotine patches as they directly deliver CBD to the bloodstream.

Taking CBD directly by mouth as a gummy or an oil may first pass through your digestive tract. Your body will then break it down or excrete it as waste. This way, a large quantity of CBD may get lost within the digestive tract.

A topical pain patch distributes the compound directly to your skin, allowing it to go through your bloodstream. In addition, these pain patches give you a more consistent response than other topical methods. Can a CBD topical patch ease chronic pain? Let us find out.

What Is The Connection Between CBD Patches And Pain?

Research shows that CBD can be effective in pain in its earliest stages. However, some animal studies show that CBD can be a helpful pain medication for chronic ailments like arthritis. CBD and pain have a long history, both anecdotally and through conventional medicinal systems.

This type of cannabinoid is effective in combating pain in two ways, which are:

They can act on the body's endocannabinoid system to restrict receptors for different types of pain, including nerve pain.

CBD produces an anti-inflammatory effect on our bodies. So, it can aid in lowering pain from the root causes of inflammation. As per some research, the pain patches can provide the following benefits over other topical methods:

  • Fewer side effects

  • Lasting delivery of CBD

  • Localized pain relief

For any person having chronic pain, life can be complicated. But, with CBD patches, you can get a chance to ease your pain naturally.

Is It Safe To Use CBD Patch For Pain?

As per research, using a CBD pain patch is purely safe. As mentioned earlier, CBD is widely used by people suffering from arthritis. To date, no serious concerns have been seen with the moderate dosage of these cannabinoids.

CBD has the potential to interact with medications that people with arthritis often take to treat their condition. If you want to combine CBD with your prescribed medicines, speak to your doctor first.

Are There Any Adverse Effects Of Using CBD Pain Patches?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there can be many possible adverse effects after applying a CBD pain patch to your skin. You may experience drowsiness, fatigue, or dry mouth. Moreover, there may also be problems like diarrhea and nausea. So, after knowing about all these adverse effects of CBD patches, you may want to consult your doctor before using the product.

How To Use A CBD Topical Patch For Chronic Pain?

Topical methods may not work for every type of chronic pain. However, they play a significant part in managing chronic musculoskeletal and peripheral neuropathic pain. You must remember a few things when using CBD pain patches. Never use them on broken skin or mucous membranes. Read all the instructions on the product's label before using the patch.

Is the pain patch adhesive? If yes, remove the patch from the packaging and place it on the sore area. Adhesive topical patches are perfect for applying on areas with soft tissues, for example, the lower back. Avoid placing them on sites where they can come off easily with a little movement, like an elbow. The most common areas to apply a CBD pain patch are:

  • Lower back

  • Shoulder

  • The inner part of the ankle

  • Inside of the wrist

  • Back of the neck

  • The inner part of the bicep

In the case of a non-adhesive patch, use it the way you use a heating pad. Place the patch over the painful area and wait until it starts to show its effects. Remove it after the recommended number of hours mentioned on the pack.

Types Of Pain A CBD Topical Patch Can Manage

If you have been dealing with pain for a long time and are seeking the most effective solution, try CBD topical patches. These can help alleviate any type of pain, be it menstrual cramps, lower back pain, or muscle soreness. The ingredients in these patches provide immaculate relief against your ongoing discomfort. Here is an overview of how CBD pain patches can do wonders:

CBD Patch For Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness or muscle stiffness is a widespread issue that individuals face. Some have constant muscle pain and use natural pain relievers over aggressive prescription medicine.

With a combination of exercise and lifestyle change, CBD pain patches may do wonders for muscle pain.

CBD Patch For Menstrual Pain

No matter how severe your pain is, menstrual pain may affect your mood and quality of life. You may not find much relief with over-the-counter drugs, and taking a day off from work is not always a solution.

So, whenever menstrual pain knocks you down, CBD patches can bring relief. It is an easy and effective solution that helps you feel the best all day.

CBD Patch For Lower Back Pain

Spending hours in front of a computer can put a great amount of strain on your body, especially your back. You can feel the tension from any underlying medical issue that may lead to chronic pain. However, a topical patch like a CBD pain patch may help in reducing pain and can make you feel better. Again, you must speak to a doctor before using this topical pain patch for lower back pain.

Do CBD Patches Give A High When Used?

CBD pain patches are unlikely to make you feel high. Most CBD patches have just a tiny amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is not enough to produce a high.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Topical Patches To Show Its Effects?

Typically, a CBD topical patch may take 30 minutes to a few hours to show its effectiveness. But this depends on the severity of the individual's pain and body chemistry. Along with that, the effects of these topical pain patches can last up to 12 hours.

The Right Dosage of CBD Topical Patches

Do you wonder what is the ideal dosage of CBD pain patches? Well, it depends on the severity of your pain. Most individuals often begin their dose with a patch comprising 10 to 20 mg of CBD. They gradually increase their dosage if required.

Best CBD Topical Patch to Buy

Sheas Apothecary's Botanical Wonder CBD Patch is the most effective CBD patch for pain relief. The patches contain 50 mg of pure CBD and 0% THC. Healthcare professionals highly recommend it. This CBD pain patch is free of latex and gluten. Also, it is lab-tested and is proven to offer 24 hours of extended relief.

The product is not recommended for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. While storing the patches, ensure they are out of pets' and children's reach.

Are you struggling with acute or chronic pain? Want the ultimate relief from your discomfort? Try out Shea’s CBD topical patches. Remember to get a doctor's consultation and read the ingredients before using these CBD patches.

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