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Medicinal Mushrooms List: Top Medicinal Mushrooms For Anxiety Relief

In this fast-changing world, everyone is stressed while trying to keep up their pace and fit in. While many manage to keep up with all the changes, others struggle with anxiety, stress, and other mental issues. Anxiety is a psychological reaction, a reaction to stressful situations. Anxiety is common, and everyone struggles with it in some part of their lives. It can be caused due to life circumstances, such as work, study, financial changes, or genetics. There are many ways to calm your nerves during anxious situations; some try meditation, yoga, a healthy diet, exercise, etc.


Many choose to use medicinal mushrooms to combat anxiety and stress. Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years all around the world. And they have become increasingly popular due to the many healing benefits they offer. It is believed that mushrooms can help reduce anxiety and other psychological-related issues. However, the first suggestion is to get help from a mental health expert if you are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. But if you are interested in trying out Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety, gather more information before diving in.

There are many Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety and other mental health issues. However, you should keep in mind that what worked for others may not work for you. Let’s look at the list of medicinal mushrooms that works well for relieving anxiety and other psychological-related issues. While the list is lengthy, take this blog as your Medicinal Mushrooms Guide to combat your anxiety.

What Are Medicinal Mushrooms?

The term medicinal mushrooms may be new to some, but it is evident that they have been used for thousands of years. They are known for their immune-boosting properties; they are rich in protein, antibacterial properties, and full of antioxidants. They are also known to help calm anxious nerves and stress. The health benefits they offered sound too good to be true, but are they actually effective?

Before using Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety or other purposes, one important thing is that each species offers specific benefits. These mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, but their popularity in the West rose not too long ago. If you are new to it, look through the Medicinal Mushrooms Guide to ensure that you achieve the health benefit you are looking for.

Theories On Depression, Anxiety, And Other Mental-Related Issues: How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Aid.

While there is no proof that medicinal mushrooms can cure anxiety and other psychological-related issues, they are known to alleviate some symptoms. There are some theories on the causes of depression, anxiety, and other mental-related issues. Let’s further try to understand these theories:

  • According to the monoamine hypothesis of depression, depression is caused by monoamine serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine deficiency. And since the stressors of both depression and anxiety are closely related, monoamine theory can be applied to anxiety. So, the goal here is to increase serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, and certain medicinal mushrooms are known to do just that.

  • The neurogenic theory of depression suggests that depression, anxiety, and other mental-related issues are caused due to impaired brain cell growth and development. Brain cell growth and development rely on the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). And studies suggest that the chemical properties of medicinal mushrooms, specifically Lion’s Mane, can activate this BDNF, which can have a positive impact.

  • The inflammatory hypothesis suggests that inflammatory changes in the brain are closely associated with psychological-related issues. This theory suggests that those with a higher level of cytokines are more likely to struggle with mental-related issues. If you are wondering how medicinal mushrooms can help, it is indicated that some mushrooms have immune-boosting properties and can help reduce inflammation. But before you just jump in into any mushrooms, refer to a Medicinal Mushrooms Guide and choose the best Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety for optimum results.

These are some well-known hypotheses on the causes of depression and mental-related issues and slight mentions of how medicinal mushrooms work to relieve anxiety. Now that we know the theories related to anxiety, depression, and other psychological-related issues, let’s look at the list of top medicinal mushrooms that work best to relieve anxiety.

Top Medicinal Mushrooms For Anxiety

Several medical mushrooms work well in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and other mental-related issues. While these Medical Mushrooms for Anxiety do not cure the issues, they aid in relieving the symptoms. Consider this list as your Medicinal Mushrooms Guide to help you take care of anxious nerves.


Reishi has been used as a medicine in China for thousands of years and is known to aid in longevity and spirituality. It is mostly used to improve sleep, boost the immune system, and reduce stress. It contains compounds such as Polysaccharides, Beta-glucan, Triterpenes, and Lignin, which have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. Reishi mushroom is known to help the body adapt to stress. Reishi is one of the many Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety you should try.


Cordyceps grow on a living host, mostly larvae, in the Tibetan high plateau. Royal and elite families mostly used them in China as a tonic, but today, they are found in worldwide medicine. Go through any Medicinal Mushrooms Guide, and you will find this in the mushroom. This Cordyceps mushroom should be on the top of the list as they are known to combat fatigue and other symptoms that accompany depression and anxiety. So, if you are looking into Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety, Cordyceps may help you adapt to mental-related issues.


Chaga mushroom is known for its high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This mushroom can help strengthen your immune system and help your body combat everyday stressors. It is a reliable mushroom amongst the lengthy list of Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety. This mushroom is best after it reaches maturity, roughly 15 to 20 years.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is popularly known to provide cognitive support by improving focus and boosting concentration. Studies suggest that intaking Lion’s mane supplements daily can produce antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. While further studies are required, this Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety may work well in relieving those anxious nerves.


If you go through any Medicinal Mushrooms Guide, the Shiitake mushroom will be one of the most commonly mentioned mushrooms. While this mushroom has now been commonly integrated into food and healthcare, they were a part of Chinese medicine for a longer period. This mushroom is known to contain various amino acids that are essential to the human body. It is not only known to help alleviate anxious nerves but is also commonly used in skin and hair care.

Incorporating Medicinal Mushrooms Into Your Life

The best way to incorporate these medicinal mushrooms into your lifestyle is by including them in your diet. You can incorporate these mushrooms into your diet by cooking them; however, some are too bitter to eat. So, the best way to incorporate it into your lifestyle is through supplements or powder. Various supplements are available on the market, so your task is to find a good quality product. If you opt for the powder, you can make tea with it or add them to protein shakes and smoothies. There are also extracts available in the market, such as Mycology Wisdom Extract at Shea’s Apothecary. Whether you plan to get supplements, powder, or extracts, ensure that you get good quality products.


Consider this blog as your Medicinal Mushrooms Guide to help steer your path if you look into Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety. The mushrooms given on this list of top Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety are not the only ones available on the market. However, you can begin with this list if you are new to this term.

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