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Best Relaxing Tea To Make You Cool And Calm Like A Monk

The everyday hustle-bustle of job, business, and studies make us exhausted and grumpy. We eat, sleep, work, and repeat and forget to take care of ourselves. Consequently, it leads to burnout and depression.


However, taking a few days off from work is a good idea to feel recharged and refreshed. But, still, the eat sleep work cycle continues even after that. To protect yourself from all of this, you need a permanent solution. What if we told you that we have the best solution for you.

And now you must be wondering what it is. Don’t worry. We will introduce you to herbal tea. But pay attention because it is not just tea. It is the best relaxing tea that instantly makes you calm and relaxed like a monk.

You must be curious to find out what goes into the best relaxing tea that makes it beneficial for your mind. Read ahead to know the excellent properties of the best soothing tea.

What Goes Into The Best Relaxing Tea?

Best relaxing tea combines miraculous herbs like Catnip, skullcap, Chamomile, lemon balm leaf, peppermint spearmint, and oat straw. We shall read about these herbs in detail later, but let's know how they taste and aroma. It is a perfect beverage to have after a stressful day with a mild-bodied and minty flavor. The smell and calming mint flavor will instantly make you feel calm and relaxed.

The relaxing tea herbs are as follows:

Catnip Herb

The best relaxing tea contains Catnip. Catnip is an intensely aromatic herb native to central Europe. However, we can find it in most areas of the United States, and it is so popular because of its therapeutic properties. It is from the family of mint, Lamiaceae. The plant has oval-toothed, dark green leaves with white flowering tops. Both leaves and flowers of this plant are used to make a tea that treats anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. In some cases, its root is also used. The tea taste is woodsy and grassy, and it contains various relaxing agents.

Chamomile Herb

Chamomile or Asteraceae is a natural remedy for many physical and mental health problems. The ingredients of the best relaxing tea contain Chamomile, which comes from a daisy-like flowering plant. The flowers of this plant are dried to boil in water to prepare the tea. Many people enjoy chamomile tea as an alternative to coffee and tea. It has a sweet and earthy taste and is loaded with antioxidants that improve sleep quality, promote good digestion, and benefit blood sugar levels, ultimately leading to good heart health.

Lemon Balm Leaf Herb

The amazing, best relaxing tea also contains lemon balm leaf. It is a lemon-scented herb grown worldwide in North Africa, Europe, West Asia, and other parts. Lemon balm is also known as Mellisa Officinalis. People use it to boost their mood and improve cognitive functions. The plant has impressive endless healing powers to heal insomnia, cold sore, indigestion, menstrual cramps, etc.

Skullcap Herb

The best relaxing tea contains a skullcap. Skullcap is a common name for Scutellaria, a flowering plant from the mint family having numerous health benefits. This herb is native to China and America and has blue tubular flowers. The leaves and roots of this plant are used to make a natural medicine to treat various conditions like diarrhea, chronic pain, and cardiovascular conditions. Also, the dried roots are used to treat respiratory infections, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc.

Peppermint Herb

Peppermint is an aromatic herb and an amalgamation of water mint and spearmint. People worldwide use it to add flavors to food, cosmetics, mouthwashes, toothpaste, etc. Peppermint has miraculous therapeutic properties.

Spearmint Herb

Spearmint is one of the main components of the best relaxing tea. It is a pleasant-smelling species of mint also known as Mentha Spicata. Also, like all the herbs of this plant, the family spearmint has square-shaped leaves, and the aroma and taste are also similar. Spearmint contains less methyl than peppermint and is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients. Because spearmint contains limonene, dihydrochalcone, and cineol, it has a mild sweet taste. Also, it alleviates symptoms of nausea, indigestion, gas, headache, sore throat, toothache, etc. Spearmint also helps eliminate facial hair in women suffering from hirsutism and PCOS.

Oatsraw Herb

We can also see raw oat straw herb in the components of the best relaxing tea, which comes from the unripened Avena Sativa plant. This plant is native to Northern Europe and Northern America. Nutraceuticals sell it in the form of tincture oils and capsules for its highly nutritious qualities. Moreover, you should know that oat straws are mature oats seeds harvested from green grass. It is high in iron, manganese, and zinc. Therefore, it promotes brain health, treats insomnia and physical and mental stress, and provides nutrition to the body.

And the list ends here. You have read all the amazing ingredients and their properties, and now you know why this tea is a relaxing tea for anxiety, insomnia, and other brain-related imbalances. Do you want to balance work and life without spending too much money? This tea is your all-in-one solution. Have the best relaxing tea regularly, cut on caffeine, and manage work-life balance like a pro. Also, it will boost your overall health and make you calm like a monk.

Where To Buy The Best Relaxing Tea?

Shea is a healer who believes in healing naturally through vibrational therapies and herbal remedies listed in her trusted grimoire. You can buy 100% organic, best relaxing tea from Shea's Apothecary, a 100% organic store for herbal teas, tinctures, and patches. You have already read about our best soothing tea's exceptional properties and benefits. Get it today to relieve yourself from work stress and anxiety. Our herbal teas come in tea bags made with Manilla Hemp Fiber. All teabags and tea components are free from dyes, adhesive, bleach, etc. You can read more about us and our instant herbal teas on our website.

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