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Ionic Detox Footbath: Does It Really Work? (Benefits & Risks)

Are you also someone who believes in an ionic detox footbath? Especially in recent times, detoxification has gotten some great reactions. We all have many parts that help detoxify the waste and toxins in our bodies. However, our bodies sometimes may not be able to fulfill this purpose. There can be many reasons for it, like the beauty product you are using, the air around you, and your home chemicals. Whatever it may be, a detox footbath might solve all your problems.


As they become more popular, many health facilities have started providing them in different areas. You may find them in wellness spas and health offices. At the same time, home care treatment is also available. Even Shea's Apothecary offers services of detoxification footbath.

But what actually is foot detox all about? Are there benefits related to it, and who can enjoy foot detox footbath? Get all your answers in this blog.

What Is Ionic Detox Footbath?

Detox footbath is as simple as its name suggests. It is a simple process where you will soak your feet in a tub containing warm water. The professionals who offer this service may use various ingredients to make this process successful. These ingredients help in boosting the detoxification process.

A few of the popular foot detox treatments are as follows:

  • Charcoal foot bath

  • Vinegar foot soak

  • Clay foot mask

  • Epsom salt foot bath

In most cases, essential oils are used in these detox footbaths to offer the user relaxing and calming effects.

At Shea's Apothecary, we offer ionic footbath detox. We prefer this detox method because your body's natural detox abilities improve greatly through it. Continue reading to know how this treatment works.

How Does The Ionic Footbath Detox Work?

In this method, the toxins in your body are pulled out by the ions through your feet. Now, how the whole process works? It is said that the toxins in your body contain a negative charge. So, this process offers a positive charge to the hydrogen atoms inside the water. And then these atoms pull off toxins that have a negative charge through your feet. Your body also gets rid of heavy metals thanks to the ions in the water. The whole process got a similarity to how a magnet works.

Usually, the session lasts 30 minutes, during which your body becomes free of most toxins and heavy metals. Why is this detox method better than others? Because the ion travels through your whole body, ensuring you get rid of all toxins. In contrast, other detox methods aren't that effective and only work on the body's surface level.

What Causes Water To Change Color During Foot Detox?

Some foot detoxes supporters claim that the water color changing signifies that the detox is working. However, this is not the actual case. The change in the water's color doesn't tell anything about whether the detox is working or not. Color change mainly happens when there is an impurity in water, which is the case of using tap water.

Even an interesting part is that the color change can also happen because of foot detox. In this method, electricity is used inside the ionic water. Due to this, the metal in the footbath corrodes or oxide, causing the water color change. This can be one of the few reasons for the discoloration of water. There are also cases where the salts used in the water interact, causing the color change.

Is It Fact Or Myth: What Research Says About Ion Footbath Detox?

There aren't many studies on this footbath detox type, but all the study's results have shown mixed outcomes. While most studies say ion footbath detox lacks effectiveness, few advocates stand with this method.

A popular study in 2012 dedicated to the IonCleanse detox bath stated that there were no significant results where the detox bath helped remove toxins from the body. Furthermore, they even claimed that the detox did absolutely nothing when it came to removing toxins from the user's body.

The researchers mentioned that this detox bath couldn't support the body in boosting its detoxifying ability. So, there were no cases where it helped the liver or kidney to remove the body's toxins.

Evidence that supports the working of detox baths is mostly anecdotal.

Are There Any Benefits Of Ion Detox Footbath?

Although not proven, some claims that ion footbath detox can help a person's body by boosting its natural abilities to detoxify impurities. So, by using this treatment, your body might get rid of heavy metals and toxic things more effectively.

Since your body is experiencing a better natural detox, you might experience the following benefits:

  • Improved immune system

  • Might lose weight

  • Enhanced skin health

  • Relief in stress

  • Better nutrient absorption and digestion

  • It may decrease or prevent chronic inflammation and pain.

  • Greater focus and energy

  • Better heart health and blood circulation

  • Relaxed and better mood

Can Anyone Take An Ionic Detox Footbath?

A normal question about detox footbaths is whether this is safe for everyone. Yes, most people can take this footbath without experiencing any discomfort. However, don't consider taking it if you have an infection or open sores on your feet. You don't have to buy expensive detox products to experience these warm foot soak benefits. Instead, you can use Epsom salt to give your feet some breathing space. Or, you can call an expert like Shea's Apothecary to get the best quality footbath detox service.

So, How Often Do I Need To Take This Detox Footbath?