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Ionic Footbath Detox

“The first wealth is health” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ionic Footbath Detox & Remineralizing Foot Soak

Lymphatic Cleanse and Immune Support 

Do you know how much of toxins get accumulated in our body amidst our hectic daily routine? The instant answer to this question is unimaginable. Toxins get into our body from the polluted air we breathe, the junk food we eat, the polluted water we drink and much more. Virtually all alternative healing approaches make liberal use of detoxification protocols. Detoxifying the body has been a familiar modality to all ancient healing traditions, including Ayurvedic, Chinese and Native American for thousands of years. 

Ionic Foot Detoxification

The foot detoxification spa is a self-contained Ionic water energizing system that helps your body naturally cleanse itself. The Detox Footbath is used to cleanse, balance and enhance bio-energy at cellular level in your body.


Cleansing via the feet has been found to be a extremely beneficial and effective form of detoxification. Japanese doctors founded the tradition of detoxification via the feet. It’s a very well-known fact that the foot has more than 60 reflexology points. Nerves from most organs end at points in the feet. Hence the foot is the optimal site for detoxification. Toxins present in the organs exit via the feet. 

Restorative Remineralization and Immune Support 

The process of remineralization helps to replenish the minerals that have been lost during your ionic footbath.

As we discussed early your feet is the optimal site to put back the minerals that have been lost due to our daily life style such as diet, pollution and stress.  


So, Immediately following your detox foot spa, we assist in rebuilding, replenishing and fortifying your immune system with a 20-minute warm and relaxing foot bath infused with fortifying minerals, electrolytes, herbs and essential oils. 

Ionic Footbath Detox

1 hour $45

* If you are having someone joining you in your session please indicate in comments.

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