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5 Best Herbal Teas For Diabetics To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Today, about 422 million people have diabetes worldwide, making it a common disease worldwide. However, you can control it through a proper diet and exercise. If you have diabetes, your doctor must have advised you what to eat and what not to eat. Generally, the things doctor wants you to avoid are sugar and sugar-related products. It also includes juice, soda, and other sugary drinks. Thus, you may feel short of the choices of beverages you can have every day. However, it's not the case. There are many other drinks that you can relish without spiking your blood sugar level.


Drinking herbal tea is always an excellent choice for people with diabetes. It is the best way to go carb-free, which has many health benefits. You can choose from many herbal teas for diabetics available in the market. These teas help control the blood sugar level, improve insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation.

What Are The Best Herbal Teas For People With Diabetes?

Diabetes can be managed by a disciplined lifestyle, a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep. Adding herbal tea to the diet has a lot of health benefits and is vital to control diabetes in people. Some of its benefits include the following:

  • Improve insulin sensitivity.

  • Lowers the risk of heart disease.

  • Reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

  • Lower the risk of cancer growth.

  • Prevents clotting of blood.

Here, you will learn the best five herbal teas for diabetes to reduce many of its signs.

Chamomile Tea - Promote Good Sleep

Diabetes may affect your sleep and raise your blood sugar level. Going caffeine-free with chamomile tea is the best option to boost good sleep. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antioxidant properties. These properties help manage glucose and lower the body's oxidative stress.

Studies say that women who suffer poor sleep because of diabetes found good results after drinking this effective tea for two weeks. It helped them enhance their sleep quality and many other signs of depression. Studies also show that people with type-2 diabetes reduced their insulin level after drinking chamomile tea three times a day for eight weeks.

Hibiscus Tea - Lower Your Heart Problems

This color and refreshing drink tastes great and has many health benefits. It also plays a significant role in managing diabetes and many other issues related to diabetes. People who have diabetes are at risk of getting heart disease. It is also the reason many diabetic people suffer from heart stroke and heart attack.

Drinking hibiscus tea two times daily for a month helps lower systolic blood pressure in people with diabetes. People who do not have diabetes but have heart problems can also consume this effective tea. Some studies show that these herbal teas for diabetics help lower both diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure.

Rooibos Tea - Slow Down The Diabetes Progression

If you do not want to take your diabetes at a type-2 level, then Rooibos tea is a perfect herbal tea. It helps improve the blood sugar level and lower the growth process of the disease. This tea also helps stop fat cell production and prevent obesity. Rooibos tea contains Aspalathin, a plant compound that helps lower the glucose level in the body.

Studies say that this tea can reverse the problems related to metabolic diseases. It also improves glucose intolerances and helps lower the sugar level of type-2 diabetic patients. Some studies also show that it helps lower triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol. To make this tea effective for diabetic people, one has to drink 8 ounces of tea two times a day for one month.

Turmeric Spice Tea - Lowers Inflammation In The Body

Turmeric is a yellow-colored spice known for its anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. It contains an active element called Curcumin, which can lower blood sugar levels in diabetic people. It also improves insulin sensitivity and promotes a healthy blood sugar level.

Some research on humans and animals shows that curcumin intake greatly lowers blood lipid and blood sugar levels. The curcumin intake also lowers the pro-inflammatory compound levels, lower cellular damage, and improves kidney function. Turmeric tea is also good for boosting immunity and a healthy heart.

Lemon Ginger Tea - Acts As An Antioxidant Substance

Ginger and lemon are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances that offer many health benefits. Ginger is known for its healing abilities and is used to relieve nausea, upset stomach, and vomiting. It also has many health benefits when it comes to type-2 diabetes. Ginger is also known to manage weight in diabetic people and does allow it to get worse. It also lowers the level of blood sugar and controls diabetes. Daily intake of ginger tea also helps diabetic people greatly manage their blood glucose levels.

Along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon also has vitamin C, which lowers the level of blood sugar. It also helps control the insulin level and promotes easy digestion. Some studies show that drinking 1000 mg of vitamin C daily for six weeks helps lower type-2 diabetes. It helps reduce blood lipid and blood sugar levels. Also, when you include vitamin C in the diet, it does not allow the development of diabetes.

From Where To Buy The Best Quality Herbal Teas?

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All our refreshing teas are packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help manage the blood sugar level in diabetes. Herbal tea is a great alternative to that caffeinated and sugary tea or coffee. The best part is all our flavorful teas are caffeine-free and do not have any refined sugar. Our tisanes include herbal tea blends such as hibiscus, mint, chamomile, and rose.

If you are diabetic and want to control it, you can buy our high-quality soothing herbal tea online. All our teas also come at a low price and benefit everyone with or without diabetes. Shop the best herbal tea of your liking and add it to your diet to change the quality of your life.

Along with herbal tea, we also have a wide range of topical patches for pain relief and herbal tinctures and extracts. We also provide many services at a minimal price, such as Ayurveda herbal consultation, ionic foot bath detox, therapeutic vibrational bodywork, etc.


Diabetes is a common condition that does not allow the pancreas to make enough insulin and use insulin effectively. It is a lifestyle disorder, and many people suffer from it. If not managed, this can also worsen the quality of life, and the risk of getting a lot of diseases becomes higher. Although it is not curable, you manage it via a good lifestyle and a proper diet.

Herbal teas for diabetics have a lot of health benefits. It is one of the comfort drinks that helps control diabetes. Many researchers have found that it improves insulin sensitivity as well as lowers blood sugar levels. It eases many signs of diabetes, uplifts energy, improves circulation, and boosts immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Major Benefits Of Drinking Herbal Tea?

As herbal tea is made of many natural elements like flowers, roots, herbs, etc., it provides many health benefits. Daily intake of herbal tea also helps reduce burning sensation, support the immune system, reduce the signs of stress, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar level, etc. It also has many other benefits, which is why adding herbal food to your diet is good.

Which Is The Best Herbal Tea For Diabetic People?

There are many herbal teas that diabetic people can consume and get benefits from them. Some of the most helpful teas include - ginger tea, rooibos tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, turmeric spice tea, etc. All have their benefits in managing diabetics.

How Does Rooibos Tea Help People With Diabetes?

If you are at risk of having type-2 diabetes, then Rooibos tea is perfect for you. It also lowers the risk of the growth of type-2 diabetes. Rooibos tea promotes a healthy heart, reduces inflammation in the body, boosts weight loss, and many more.

Do Herbal Teas Fully Cure Diabetes In People?

Diabetes is a condition whose cure has not been found yet. But you can manage it through proper diet, exercise, as well as lifestyle. Herbal tea does not tend to cure diabetes but can control its signs.

Is Hibiscus Tea Good For Managing Diabetes?

Hibiscus tea can help provide a lot of benefits to people who have diabetes. It lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, aids in weight loss, supports the liver's health, fights inflammation, fights bacteria, etc.

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