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Top 10 Muscle Relaxing Teas: Are They Effective For Cramps?

Cramps are common among individuals. They generally occur in a person's stomach, muscles or legs. In such situations, people prefer using painkillers for relief. But have you ever considered using muscle-relaxing tea?

The muscle-relaxing tea is proven to be effective against cramps. Most of them are caffeine free as well. You can add them to your daily diet, which is best to consume in the early morning.

In this blog, we have included the best muscle-relaxing tea to help individuals fight cramps. Ready to start your healthy journey with this list of teas?

1. Peppermint Tea

Consuming big meals generally comes with a heavy price. And yes, we are not talking about the food bill.

Searching muscle relaxing tea for stomach cramps? You don't have to worry about that. You can be saved with the highly effective peppermint tea.

This muscle-relaxing tea comes packed with menthol. It has minor properties that work as an anesthetic. It can numb the nerves in your gut, which helps in blocking nausea signals and pain.

Peppermint tea also works as a relaxant. It can relax the valve present between the stomach and esophagus. With the relaxation, the trapped air between them escapes easily in the upward direction.

Burp will indicate that the muscle relaxing tea is working effectively. Burp occurs because of the pressure decrease. Drinking it will offer you a much better experience. There are high chances you will be cramp free after drinking it.

2. Ginger Tea

Are you aware that the overuse of muscles can lead to muscle cramps? Besides that, dehydration and staying still are major causes of cramps.

Muscle relaxing tea, such as ginger, is highly effective for cramping discomfort.

Experts recommend multiple consumptions of ginger tea daily. Daily consumption can offer relief to muscle pain that occurs due to exercise.

In one research by the University of Georgia, one group of participants was given two grams of heated ginger. In contrast, the other group was given a placebo for 11 straight days.

These participants executed 18 extensions of the elbow flexor on the eighth day. It was performed with a rather heavy weight to promote a light muscle injury on the arm.

As per the results, the ginger-consuming group had less muscle pain than the other group. Ginger offered around 25% pain muscle relaxation.

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3. Chamomile Tea

The muscle-relaxing tea, like chamomile tea, has been quite famous for generations. Romans, Egyptians, and Greek very much enjoyed drinking this tea.

According to the American Chemical Society, chamomile reduces anxiety and muscle cramp pain.

Want to know the science behind it? Chamomile consumption leads to the increase of glycine levels inside the urine. A compound like a glycine helps with relieving muscle spasms. Chamomile also has nerve-relaxing properties.

4. Green Tea

We cannot forget green tea when talking about muscle relaxing tea. It comes with so many benefits we can't even get started.

Green tea contains micro-nutrient such as EGCG. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are effective against cramps.

A study with 33 women showed the effectiveness of green tea for treating uterine fibroid. Lower abdomen pain commonly occurs because of uterine fibroid.

Muscle relaxing tea, such as green tea, can help with anemia and reduce pain levels inside the muscles.

People with severe anemia face painful leg cramps during a workout. Adding green tea to your diet is the best decision.

5. Cramp Bark Tea

Cramp Bark Tea is one of the most effective muscle-relaxing teas. They aid almost every type of cramping.

Uterus pain commonly leads to a very painful situation. Cramp bark tea can fight inflammation and uterus pain. You gain a great sense of relief upon consuming it.

Many studies have shown the effects of this muscle relaxing tea to prevent cramps in smooth muscles. Helps with reducing muscle tension.

The bark is famously known as a muscle relaxant as well. Get ease in pain and stop all those annoying cramps by drinking this muscle-relaxing tea.