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DHEA Bodybuilding: Benefits And Dosage For The Optimum Results

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Balancing hormones of the body is the ultimate health game. It is crucial to balance the hormones to be completely healthy, whether women or men. Imbalanced hormones can cause stress, hair fall, fatigue, and even obesity.


Many people calm their imbalanced hormones through herbal medicines and tinctures. Similarly, DHEA is a natural and popular supplement. It influences the levels of hormones in the body. There are numerous studies on DHEA bodybuilding. It has the potential to boost bone density, decrease body fat, improve sexual dysfunction, and cure hormonal problems.

Do you wish to know more about the best DHEA supplement? Read through the blog on DHEA bodybuilding, its benefits, and dosage for optimum results.

What Is DHEA Bodybuilding?

Our body produces DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone compounds. It converts into male and female hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone and estrogen drive the effects of DHEA supplements after the conversion occurs.

Why do people consume it as a supplement? The answer is that bodily DHEA decreases as we age. Decreased DHEA can lead to developing several diseases. A study shows that DHEA decreases up to 80% throughout adulthood. However, this is not only about older people since DHEA starts to decrease at the age of 30.

Lower DHEA is the source that causes several diseases such as heart diseases, depression, and cancer. When you take it as a supplement, it levels up the DHEA compounds in the body. As a result, it converts into testosterone and estrogen. The three hormones increase together to cause various favorable effects discussed in this blog.

Benefits Of DHEA BodyBuilding

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increases bone density

  • It helps in muscle building

  • It helps in fat burning

  • Fights depression

  • Improves libido

  • Boosts infertility

  • Treats adrenal dysfunction

  • Helps in Vaginal Atrophy

  • Cures depression

Let's move on to the details of the abovementioned benefits.

Increases Bone Density

Low levels of DHEA cause low bone density. Meanwhile, studies show that taking the DHEA supplements hormone will help to increase bone density in men and women.

One reliable source claims that bodybuilding supplements are more favorable to women than men. Doctors recommend it in estrogen therapy and preserve bone density in older women.

Helps In Muscle Building

DHEA benefits for men include improving their strength and physical performance. However, there are no proven results for the muscle-building fact. But, since it boosts the performance, which can further result in the same.

Your body uses DHEA to transform it into testosterone. Taking DHEA supplements every day may increase testosterone levels. Doctors recommend taking 50 Milligrams of DHEA body supplement every day for middle-aged adults doing high-intensity workouts. As a result, it improves strength and physical performance, eventually resulting in muscle building.

Helps In Fat Burning

Some studies show that DHEA supplements can decrease fat mass density in older men and adults. People whose adrenal glands do not work properly can benefit from DHEA bodybuilding. But, to use it for fat burning or weight-loss purposes, you should take help from an expert.

Fights Depression

Studies show people with severe depression have lower levels of DHEA compounds, and in treating depression, DHEA supplements are vital.

DHEA supplement can be helpful as it levels the natural DHEA of the body. Other studies show that it helps to improve mental functions and depression in middle age and elderly adults.

Improves Libido

Studies have shown promising results to increase the libido and sexual function in both men and women. However, bigger benefits are seen in individuals who have sexual dysfunctions.

Boosts Fertility In Women

Additionally, DHEA supplements improve the function of ovaries in women diagnosed with infertility. It increases the success rate of IVF (In vitro fertilization) and reduces fertility problems. These women produce more eggs with the help of DHEA supplements. Not only that, in most cases, eggs get fertilized at a quicker rate than women who do not take the supplement.

Another reliable study has shown women who took DHEA supplements during IVF treatment had a 23% live birth rate compared to the other 4%.

Treats Adrenal Problems

Adrenal insufficiency is when the body cannot produce normal amounts of hormones. Consequently, it results in fatigue, weakness, and changes in blood pressure. Ultimately, all these problems can lead to life-threatening health issues. DHEA supplements treat the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. Moreover, some studies show that they may improve the quality of life for these people.

DHEA supplement benefits women by treating depression, anxiety, and sexual satisfaction. However, you should consult a doctor or expert in the respected areas for all the purposes.

Helps In Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy, in simple words, is the thinning of the vagina due to menopause and the loss of estrogen. A reliable study in 2015 shows taking DHEA may improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Cures Depression

A study shows evidence of DHEA supplements to treat depression. It was used as a mild or resistant conventional therapy. However, there's a lot of debate and discussion on the topic.

So, before starting taking DHEA, always consult a doctor.

DHEA Supplement Dosage For Best Results

DHEA bodybuilding dosage is commonly 25-50 mg per day. Doctors advise taking 25mg for two years and the 50 mg dose for one year.

However, DHEA supplements can cause minor adverse effects like acne, greasy skin, and increased hair growth in private parts. So, it is advisable to take a DHEA supplement as directed by the doctors.

For optimum results and fewer side effects, take it in the form of topical patches. DHEA topical patches are also known as transdermal topical patches. Their work is to administer the drug or any medicine that reaches directly into the bloodstream. These are patches with an adhesive property that you stick on your skin just like a sticker to get its therapeutic qualities directly. Taking medicines and supplements and administering their work has become a long process. So, a great way to use DHEA supplements in the form of patches.

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