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6 Easy Tips On Preparing A Flavorsome Herbal Tea at Home

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

If we ask, what are your favorite things about mornings? The answer would be exercising, coffee, and cereals. Wait, haven’t you said tea? Why? Oh! Is tea not a healthy addition? Well, it’s completely a myth. Herbal teas will help improve your overall health and provide your tastebuds with a flavorsome sense. Obviously, you might only know one or two methods of preparing tea and coffee, but if we say we can introduce you to a completely new method of preparing your morning teas? Dive down to know the entire process explained in simple ways.


What is Herbal Tea?

Herbal tea is a tea made of natural herbs, flowers, spices, seeds, etc. This tea does not contain caffeine in its substance. There are different types of herbal tea, and each has its unique preparation method. The common one is Green tea; everyone must have heard about this tea. It is safe for daily intake to keep away all health-related issues.

The practice of making and consuming herbal tea has a long history. People have preferred this beneficial tea for many long years because of its health benefits. Most herbal teas do not contain caffeine; few teas contain less caffeine that does not harm the health.

Nowadays, many people prefer to have this tea instead of normal tea that includes caffeine. People are more conscious about their health in this modern era, therefore, adopting a healthier lifestyle. Good food and healthy drinks are becoming a necessary part of their lives.

Benefits of Herbal Tea

There are various benefits of consuming natural herbal tea; each tea has its benefits. We have mentioned a few teas and their benefits below:

Chamomile Tea: The tea has just a water-like taste and does not provide any additional flavor. It is prepared from dried flowers soaked with hot water. This herbal tea has antioxidant properties to reduce stress and anxiety, improve heart health, reduce body inflammation, improve sleep, etc. It also helps fight against several diseases.

Green tea: Many people ask if green tea is herbal tea. Yes, it is. Herbal tea is known to reduce fat and increase metabolism. It is helpful to lose weight, reduce inflammation of the body, and control type-2 diabetes. This beneficial tea is also effective in improving the functioning of the brain. Some research also shows that this helps to destroy cells that develop cancer. Also, herbal tea is good for the liver.

Yellow (Turmeric) Tea: A helpful tea that reduces the problem of irregular periods in women. It increases body immunity, manages diabetes, helps lose weight, and reduces the symptoms of arthritis. To prepare this tea, you have to add turmeric to the hot water. This tea is also prepared with ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, etc., which adds other health benefits to the yellow tea. People can also take it as an herbal tea for the liver.

Spearmint tea: You may have heard of the spearmint flavored in toothpaste, chewing gum, etc., but it comes in teas these days. It is a form of the mint herb used in herbal tea to enhance the flavor. This herbal tea also has many health benefits. It also reduces the problems related to women’s reproductive systems like PCOD/PCOS. Plus, it reduces headaches, stress, and mood swing.

Other teas like Rosehip tea, Ginger tea, Hibiscus tea, Rooibos tea, Lemongrass tea, Licorice tea, etc., have many health benefits. People can take any of this tea to deal with their problems.

A Few Easy Tips To Prepare Herbal Tea At Home

Here are a few points or tips to prepare herbal tea at home. These tips let you correctly make herbal tea. These tips make you take a perfect cup with great benefits.

Quick way: The simple way to make a perfect tea is to dip the tea bag into hot water. Another quick way is to sprinkle the dried leaves into the boiling water for a longer time and then stir them with the help of a strainer. It may give a difference in taste but have better herbal properties. People can also take the help of the microwave to make themselves a perfect cup of herbal tea.

To bring taste: Herbal tea has a flavorsome taste and is taken without any sugar. If you want to add taste, add a few drops of lemon or honey. Lemon or honey has no harm to health. Some even use fruit juice for their ice tea.

Iced Tea: Herbal tea can be taken with iced water in summer instead of hot. You have to keep the infuser leaves in hot water and wait for the hot water to become cool. Then, you can put the ice into your tea or keep the tea in the refrigerator for a few hours. The tea tastes better when taken with ice. You can even add lemon or honey for the taste.

Adding spices to the tea: You can add a few spices to the tea to add benefits. You can add cinnamon or pepper to tea. You can even add ginger to bring some different tastes to the tea. In turmeric tea, you can add spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, basil leaves, etc.

Steeping time: Each tea requires a different amount of time to boil. It even requires different temperatures. For example, green tea needs 3-4 minutes to steep, whereas rooibos tea requires more than 5 minutes. While preparing herbal tea, one must take care of the time to make a perfect cup of tea. Similarly, one must also take care of the temperature required to prepare each tea.

Quality product: There are several herbals in the market. One must research the best tea to consume. Always look for products with good reviews. Look for tea leaves that are completely organic and free from any chemicals. Choose the healthy herbal brand of tea available in the market. Invest in high-quality tea brands for better health benefits. Low-quality products are not good for health and may contain several chemicals.


Taking herbal tea is beneficial for our health over tea that contains caffeine. You should consume green tea daily. These are very effective sources to keep yourself healthy. It should be prepared properly to get better results in terms of quality and health. These are natural products that don’t include many calories. Herbal teas act as a great antioxidant that boosts your immune system and improves overall health. The above tips are useful to prepare tea in the right way. You can easily make and consume herbal tea and get the most out of it with the tips mentioned above.

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