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Resveratrol Skin Benefits Keeps The Dermis Problems At Bay

If you are an individual that loves doing skincare, then there are chances that you have probably heard about how beneficial antioxidants are for skin, for example, resveratrol. There are many resveratrol skin benefits that we will talk about in this blog.


If you are still unaware of resveratrol, let us tell you all about it. That glass of wine is good for your skin health because it contains resveratrol.

Resveratrol is the kind of antioxidant generally found in grape skin, thus why it is available in red wine. That is why red wine is good for your skin and your brain, as it helps you unwind.

However, the only problem with taking resveratrol in this form is that you will have to drink a huge amount of wine to see its benefits on your skin. Rest easy because there are several other ways to get enough resveratrol for your skin without becoming an alcoholic. Skincare products and topical patches are some of the ways in which you can get enough resveratrol benefits for skin and several other problems.

The name is resveratrol, and here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant mainly discovered in fruits such as cranberries, red grapes, and blueberries and foods such as dark chocolate, peanuts, and pistachio. It is also found in numerous edible plants that work as a barrier between you and insect attacks.

As per the studies claims, resveratrol has several well-known benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels and supporting the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. But the most well-known benefit of using resveratrol is its anti-aging properties. Due to its ability to effectively penetrate the skin barrier, it is one of the ingredients used in various skin care products.

Resveratrol is added to skin care products such as serums, creams, moisturizers, and masks. It is also available in the form of topical patches and supplements. Resveratrol is special among antioxidants as it can cross the brain and blood barrier to help safeguard your nervous system and brain. This antioxidant is often mentioned as the fountain of youth because of its effectiveness in fighting off any diseases associated with aging.

Benefits Of Resveratrol For Skin

Resveratrol has various skin benefits. The predominant reason why people add resveratrol to their skincare regime is because of its anti-aging properties. Not only this, but it can be beneficial for the skin in several other ways.

The Signs Of Aging

One of the primary plus points of using resveratrol is its potential to lessen the signs of aging on the skin.

According to skin specialists, as we age, our skin loses its ability to produce enough collagen and elastin, which cause fine lines and wrinkles to form on our faces. Simultaneously, the texture of our skin starts thinning out, leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of damage. The antioxidants help protect our skin against the fastened aging effect of free radical damage.

As mentioned earlier, resveratrol can have two-fold effects on our skin, and those are boosting antioxidant levels and neutralizing free radicals so the skin better repair and defend itself. Studies found that using resveratrol in a topical form remarkably improved the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin elasticity in just 12 weeks.


As per some studies, resveratrol also has soothing properties in reducing skin redness and inflammation.

Rough Skin

For improving the texture of your skin, you can use resveratrol topical patches or take supplements.

Environmental Damage

Whether it is pollution or the sun, the skin suffers a lot because of environmental factors. The use of resveratrol has been found to help protect against harmful UV rays and even diminish pigmentation.

Dry Skin

If you have dry patches on your skin, it will soon become a thing of the past if you add resveratrol to your routine.

A study conducted by some researchers suggested that after using resveratrol on the skin, the patients suffering from skin problems like psoriasis and eczema saw positive effects and received intense hydrating benefits.

How And When Should You Use Resveratrol?

Consistency is the key when using resveratrol for skin-related problems. If you want the visible results, you should use resveratrol daily but be cautious about the maximum dosage you can take when using this in the form of supplements, topical patches, or skincare products.

You will get the best results when applying resveratrol in its topical form. Studies suggested that resveratrol has light-sensitive characteristics, making it more suitable for bedtime application. If you plan to use resveratrol products during the daytime, you should pair them with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

When using a heavier night cream, you should always use it at the end of your skincare routine, and if you are using a lightweight serum, you can use it earlier in your skincare routine. Before using topical patches or any skincare product, you should make sure that you clean, scrub, and tone your skin properly.

Why Is Topical Use Better?

The topical use of resveratrol is better for people who want to see some effective and quick results on their skin. Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to show wonders on the skin when used in the form of patches, ointment, or when applied straight to the dermis. When applied to a certain area, the resveratrol patches deliver a high dose of the herb or supplement directly into the skin. Using patches can provide up to 10X more nutrient absorption than pills. Applying resveratrol directly to the skin is considered safe practice by doctors.

If you are searching to enhance the appearance of your skin and your heart health, you can use Pro Rez (Resveratrol) patches from Shea’s Apothecary. The patches are available in a pack of 30. These patches can help fight free radical damage and Alzheimer's disease, improve elasticity in blood vessels and protect the cells from free radical damage.

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