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Most Effective Herbal Tea For Headaches And Where To Buy Them

Are you also a part of those folks who face persistent headaches from time to time? Well, headaches are surely annoying and can become a hurdle in your everyday activities. And the biggest issue is that there are not one but multiple types of headaches. Out of all, facing migraine symptoms is more common, and this problem causes severe pain to one side of the head. Any solutions? You can start by trying some top herbal tea for headaches.

herbal tea for headache

Herbal teas may not cure every symptom you are currently facing. Still, they can provide relief and comfort when used with other treatment methods to treat headaches. Furthermore, suppose you drink herbal teas on a day-to-day basis. In that case, you will experience better results in your headaches and other health issues.

Chamomile tea, Ginger tea, and Turmeric tea are the most effective teas to treat headaches. There are other teas that can ease headaches, and we will mainly mention them in this blog as well. So, ready to get rid of your headaches with these herbal teas? Let's get started!

Chamomile Tea

The aromatic tea, known for its stress-busting abilities and sleep-inducing properties, is commonly called chamomile tea. The common use of chamomile tea is for treating anxiety and insomnia. Although no strong research links this tea with headache treatment, drinking it can offer great relaxing effects that might help deal with tension headaches.

chamomile tea

Chamomile helps with reducing inflammation, which is a common cause of headaches. A study worked on chamomile effects for treating migraines. As per the results, chamomile helped greatly with lessening the side effects of migraines which are pain, nausea, intolerance to sound and light within 30 minutes of consumption.

Where to buy

The best way to consume chamomile tea is by using tea bags, which you buy online from Shea's Apothecary.

Safety and precaution

Make sure to confirm with your doctor whether this tea is good for you or not. This tea can cause allergic reactions if you are not good with Daisies, Ragweed, Marigolds, or Chrysanthemums. Furthermore, if you are taking antirejection medication or blood thinners for an organ transplant, ensure to talk to a doctor before adding chamomile tea to your everyday routine.

Ginger Tea

You may be expecting this one since ginger is used as a culinary spice to treat various health conditions. Ginger tea is a famous anti-nausea remedy that can help treat symptoms of different types of headaches. It has powerful antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation, calm stress and eliminate free radicals and toxins that are the main cause of head pain.

ginger tea

Ginger tea promotes better blood circulation in your body, which in return help with reducing the pounding feeling in your head. As we already mentioned, having anti-nausea effects can aid individuals with migraines. As per a small-scale study, taking ginger powder has the same effectiveness as a dose of sumatriptan, a common medication for treating migraines.

Where to purchase

You can try ginger tea bags from certified online shops such as Shea's Apothecary to enjoy the root's best results.

Safety and precaution

The best thing about ginger tea is that it is safe for consumption, even in pregnancy. Still, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, consult your doctor before drinking this tea. Furthermore, consulting a doctor is highly recommended if you take blood thinners or have a gallbladder condition.

Turmeric tea

Curcumin is a known active ingredient of turmeric. Studies show that curcumin contains neuroprotective effects, which can help reduce pain caused by migraine and headaches. As per a 2019 medical study, turmeric supplements can reduce the severity, headache days, and duration of migraines.

turmeric tea

Another 2018 study suggests combining turmeric supplements with other supplements like curcumin and omega fatty acids can reduce the severity of migraine attacks. All these combined results show that turmeric tea can reduce the:

  • number of migraine attacks a person have

  • amount of pain your experience

  • the duration of the pain

Where to buy

You can get the best ready-to-brew turmeric tea bags from online shops like Shea's Apothecary at affordable rates.

Safety and precaution

Drinking too much turmeric tea can cause side effects like nausea and diarrhea. Therefore, consult a health expert before you decide to drink this tea to treat headaches. Furthermore, avoid consuming this tea if you're nursing or pregnant since doctors aren't sure how it can affect your fetus and your body.

Peppermint tea

Drinking peppermint tea can help with tension headaches, the most common headaches. This tea is primarily used to treat digestive issues but can also be used as an herbal tea for headaches. As per NIH (National Institutes of Health), applying peppermint oil to your forehead can ease the symptoms of tension headaches.

peppermint tea