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Healthiest Herbal Teas Everyone Should Try In 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Are you also a fan of sipping tea early in the morning? Or, do you prefer a nice cup of warm chamomile tea at night? The benefits of herbal teas are manifold, and there are many reasons to prove that point. Thus, more and more tea lovers want to know about the healthiest herbal teas to include them in their diets. And you will be glad to know that there are surely many teas you can add to your everyday diet plans.

healthiest herbal tea

Herbal teas are made of dry fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices. You should know that herbal teas aren't new to us. These have been used for centuries for medicinal and healing purposes, and those uses are prominent to this date as well.

Since they are made using various healthy ingredients, there are varied varieties of these teas available in the market. And thus, it becomes easier to get confused about which one to buy and which one to leave. Did these varieties also confuse you about which tea will be right for you? Well, all teas benefit one part of the body or another.

Here, we have mentioned the top 4 herbal teas that offer a wide range of benefits to their users. Ready to know which tea will work the best for you? So, let's start.

Chamomile Tea

Are you struggling while having a good sleep at night? Adding Chamomile tea to your diet can be a solution. This tea is for you if you want to enjoy the best calming effects.

Chamomile Tea

People who generally struggle to fall asleep have given many good reviews to it. Most people drink this during the night before going to bed.

There are various studies done on this tea, and every time this tea has shown some great results. Patients who drank this tea twice a day during the experiment were said to have better sleep quality during the two weeks period.

Chamomile is also known to be effective for insomnia patients. Furthermore, the health benefits of this tea don't stop there. In addition to providing calming effect, this tea also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and liver-protecting properties.

Another study on this tea suggests that it can help with diarrhea and stomach ulcers.

The studies on this tea are running to this date, but we can surely say that this tea has many health benefits and thus, it is a part of the healthiest herbal teas.

Ginger Tea

Did anyone say antioxidants? Ginger tea is a flavorful and throat-warming tea that is full of antioxidants. With this tea, you can fight inflammation and enhance the working of your immune system. However, one main benefit of drinking this healthy herbal tea is its effectiveness in treating nausea.

Ginger Root Tea

Every study on ginger tea states that it is an effective treatment for nausea, especially during the early stages of pregnancy. It can also treat nausea caused due to cancer treatments and motion sickness.

Some research also states ginger can prevent stomach ulcers and relieve constipation. It can also provide relief during mensuration cycles.

Lastly, a few studies also state that ginger tea can help with diabetes. However, there is not enough proof for this study. Don't forget that ginger tea is also known as one of the best herbal tea for energy. All in all, ginger tea can provide various health benefits.

Hibiscus Tea

If you love colorful teas, you will love this one. It is made of the colorful flower of the hibiscus plant. The color of this tea is close to pink-red. You can enjoy this refreshing beverage, hot and cold.

Hibiscus Heaven Tea

It is one of the healthiest herbal teas you will find at Shea's Apothecary. Aside from having a unique color with a bold flavor, this tea also has some amazing health benefits.

It has one of the best antiviral properties. Few test tube studies have shown this tea to be effective for dealing with blood flu. However, we currently don't have enough evidence about whether this tea can fight the flu or not.

Certain studies have studied its effects on treating high blood lipid levels. Few small studies said it is effective for high blood lip levels. However, large-scale studies say that this tea is not highly effective in treating such health problems.

Some people prefer this tea to maintain their high blood pressure. Few studies indicate that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure in people.

Try to avoid drinking this tea if you take diuretic medication, as they can react with each other. Also, this tea can reduce the effects of aspirin. Therefore, keep a 3-4 hours difference between taking aspirin and drinking this tea.

Rooibos Tea

The main supplier of Rooibos tea is South Africa. It is created using the red bush plant.

Rooibos Chai Tea

It is said that South Africans were the major users of this tea for its medicinal uses. However, not enough research is present on this matter.

Few studies have been conducted on this tea. Until now, this tea has failed to show any results related to allergies and kidney stones.

However, one study on this tea indicates its effect on bone health. Rooibos tea has properties that can help stimulate cells related to bone growth and density.

The same test tube study with green and black tea indicated that this tea could reduce inflammation and cell toxicity.

Furthermore, some evidence indicates Rooibos tea can reduce the chances of heart disease. Additionally, a study has shown that this tea has an enzyme that can lead blood vessels to constrict.

Moreover, another study in which the participants had to drink six cups of Rooibos tea for six weeks showed some interesting results. Participants of that study had lower blood levels of bad cholesterol as well as fat. In contrast, they had more availability of good HDL cholesterol in their body by the end.

More studies are yet to be run on this tea. However, current evidence shows enough promise for its amazing benefits.


Did you find any herbal tea you wish to try from our list of healthiest herbal teas? You can find varied types of herbal tea flavors in the market. Furthermore, all these herbal teas are free of sugar and calories.

The benefits of these herbal teas are endless, and it's up to you which tea you prefer the most.

If you want to buy the best quality premium herbal tea bags at affordable prices, visit Shea's Apothecary. We provide a large range of herbal teas with unique flavors ready to be added to your daily diet.

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Which Herbal Tea Is The Healthiest?

Following are the healthiest herbal teas:

  • Chamomile Tea

  • Ginger Tea

  • Hibiscus Tea

  • Turmeric Tea

  • Lemongrass

  • Rooibos Tea

You can visit Shea's Apothecary to buy these products.

Can I Drink Herbal Tea Every Day?

Yes, drinking herbal teas every day is totally fine for your body. In fact, you can drink around 6 to 8 cups a day without any problem. These teas are free of sugar and calories.

Is Herbal Tea Healthy?

Drinking herbal tea every day for an average adult is completely healthy. Herbal teas like chamomile can offer benefits related to antioxidants and nutrients. Meanwhile, other teas like Rooibos provide benefits like reducing inflammation, improving immune systems, etc.

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