Energetic Herbalism

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This series on Energetic Herbalism is to encourage a dialog about using plants, minerals, the cycles of the moon, what type of body you have and how to communicate and understand the body all the while working in harmony with plants, minerals and of course the moon. 

All creations of this planet are unique with their own energetic signature (patterns) as well as personalities. The sun, the moon, the plants, the minerals, insects and animal kingdoms relate to each other creating a balance.   We as humans can learn to live, love, and heal in harmony with the perfection of this planet’s creations in all of the various kingdoms.  

The universe our planet every living and nonliving matter is vibration (energy) of some form.  Every form of matter has an energy signature that is unique unto itself.  Our planet has its own unique DNA genic code (the blueprint) and vibrational pattern.  Humans being a product (a creation) of this planet share some of the DNA (genic code) and vibrational energy of this planet, as well as all plants, animals, insects and mineral kingdoms. 

How does this relate to us (human) and all the other kingdoms on this planet

By sharing DNA genic code and certain vibrations with our planet, the plants, minerals and animals, we are not solitary; we live in a symbiotic relation with all other forms on this planet.  We need plants, mineral, animal as well as insect to survive.  All the various kingdoms have what is called RNA.  The difference between DNA and RNA is the DNA is like the hard drive of a computer and RNA is the program that allows the hard drive to share its information and commands.  The RNA allows communication between the cells of the various living forms and the human.  The RNA codes of the plants we ingest can affect our cell function.  Which means they can influence our health as well as reduce the risk to disease. 

What is the difference between whole plants and synthetic lab created drugs?  The plant kingdom relates directly with our DNA, we share the some of the same DNA codes of the plants and minerals up to 30 percent.  Lab created drugs share no DNA, they might be similar, but they do not communicate with our RNA.  It is not recognized therefore creates a whole host of side effects when ingested.   It might have a temporary positive effect, but the organs become toxic with these chemicals and begin a process of toxicity in our organs like the liver kidney, heart and brain.  

Energetic Herbalism is about matching the right energy of the human and the energy (personality) of the plant and mineral to create a balance and harmony in the DNA.  Plants were created to provide for our very existence on the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual levels.  They assist on completing our deficient DNA on the cellular level.  

How can we tell if a particular plant is good for or body?   Plants have personalities, what does that mean?  The have different temperatures (energy) hot, cold or neutral, they have different attributes, like toning or cleanings, calming or invigorating.   Different tastes like sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent or astringent.  They have different abilities relating to the body; for instance an herb that supports the lungs or kidneys or cleans the liver.  There might be 5 different plants that perform almost the same function but slightly different.  We need to match the plant to the individual.  Not every plant that has the same abilities work for everybody.  So, we then need to look at the individual’s body type.   There is 7 different types of bodies according to Ayurveda medicine.  What kind of body type are you?  In the upcoming segments to this series of blogs we will explore the various types of body types.  

As you can see this can get involved and confusing.  We see on the internet or on talk shows that this new vogue plant of the week is great for a particular disease.  Well it might be, but so might 6 other plant, and they might not work for everybody.  They problem is that in our day and age everyone wants to label and treat diseases, instead of treating the person as a whole.  We are NOT separate from different parts of our body.  We chase one condition and another condition arise like the whack a mole game.  Energetic Herbalism treats the whole person not the disease. When we balance the whole body the deficiencies can fall away.   We create a harmony, and we are loving life again.  

Why the Moon and Energetic Herbalism? How does the moon affect our body?  We are 70 – 80 % water in our bodies and the moon affect all water on this planet. The moon affects the water in plants, in humans and animals.  Years gone by we lived according to the cycles of the moon.  Most people do not even know what the waning and waxing of the moon means and how it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.  We hear stories of the full moon causing people to becoming emotionally erratic, but what does the moon do to us the 27 other days of the cycle? 

This series on Energetic Herbalism is to encourage a dialog about using plants, minerals, the cycles of the moon, what type of body you have and how to communicate and understand the body all the while working in harmony with plants, minerals and of course the moon.  The next blog we will talk about the moon and how it affects us.  

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