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What is Damiana Extract? How Should you take it?


Damiana, known as Turnera diffusa, is an aromatic shrub that treats many problems. This wild shrub is popular in South America, Mexico, Texas, the Caribbean, and Central America. People often use Damiana as an aphrodisiac and for curing several physical and mental problems. These issues can be headache, constipation, nervous indigestion, anxiety, and menopausal symptoms.

Damiana is available in forms like damiana leaf extract, capsule, and liquid extract. Read the blog further to learn about damiana extract benefits, uses, dosages, etc.

Damiana Extract Uses

Tea is prepared by steeping damiana leaves and stems in water. Damiana leaves are available in forms like capsules or liquid extracts. The herb is also used for flavoring in various liqueurs.

What are the Various Damiana Extract Benefits?

Damiana is rich in chemicals affecting the brain and nervous system. This herb has innumerable uses and benefits. It can also be effective in the following:

  • Depression

  • Sexual problems

  • Headaches

  • Bedwetting

  • Boosting mental and physical stamina

  • Weight loss

  • Fever

  • Pain

  • Cough and phlegm

  • Anxiety

  • Skin disorders

  • Fungal infections

  • Frigidity


Warnings to Keep in Mind When Using Damiana

Damiana is effective at addressing a range of health problems. But, there are a few things to keep in consideration when taking it. 

  • Regular use of Damiana with anti-diabetic medicines may result in low blood sugar. So, consult your healthcare provider before using Damiana.

  • Damiana has compounds like phenolics and tannins that might help lower iron absorption. If you are iron deficient, use this herb with caution.

  • Damiana can reduce blood sugar levels and hinder blood sugar control during and after surgery. One must avoid taking Damiana at least two weeks before any surgical procedure. 

  • This herb may even have estrogen-lowering effects. So, women should avoid taking it when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

What are the Common Side Effects of Damiana Extract?

Like any herb or medication, damiana extract has many potential side effects. The most common ones are:

  • Loss of hunger

  • Delayed stomach emptying

The more serious side effects of damiana leaf liquid extract or leaf extract can be rashes, itching, and breathing problems. If you feel any of these signs, visit a medical practitioner immediately. 

Precautions to Take When Taking Damiana

When you are thinking of taking damiana extract, you may have to adhere to certain precautions. These are: 


Damiana may impact estrogen activity, but it is not 100% proven. Moreover, there is limited information on the product label about its usage for pregnant mothers. As there is not much information, it is better to avoid such products during pregnancy. However, you can discuss the benefits and risks of using Damiana with your healthcare provider.

Allergic reaction

Any severe allergic reaction can occur due to the intake of Damiana or its ingredients. So, you should avoid taking this herb if you have allergies.


If you want to give your kid Damiana, you must speak with your child's healthcare practitioner. You can consider visiting a pediatrician.

Older Adults Who are Above 65 Years

There is very little research on how safe Damiana is for older adults. But, compared to youngsters, older people are more vulnerable to drug side effects. So, older adults should use herbs like Damiana with caution.


For mothers who are breastfeeding, there aren't any Damiana products. That's why they should avoid taking Damiana when they are breastfeeding. They must visit their doctor to know this herb's benefits and side effects.


The diabetics are at a greater risk if they take Damiana. It may affect the levels of blood sugar. If you are a diabetic and using Damiana, you must watch out for signs of low blood sugar levels and monitor blood sugar carefully. 

What is the Right Dose of Damiana Extract?

The right damiana extract dosage depends on an array of factors. These can be the user's health, age, and many other conditions. There is little scientific evidence to define an appropriate dosing range for Damiana.

Bear in mind that natural products are not always safe, and doses can be a crucial aspect. Read the label before using such a product and consult your pharmacist or other healthcare expert.

Is it Good to Take Damiana Every Day?

Damiana has been evaluated in human beings for up to 45 days in clinical research on sexual dysfunction and weight reduction. The supplements were given regularly without any severe side effects reported.

Therefore, clinical research states that it is safe to take this supplement. The individuals can use it regularly, and there won't be any adverse effects.

Can we Take Damiana for Weight Reduction?

Many products have natural capabilities to reduce weight. Damiana extract is one of those products. However, there is little clinical evidence proving Damiana's weight loss effectiveness. Many studies have been performed with herbal blends with an amalgamation, including Damiana.

Earlier, this natural remedy was used for its stimulant and appetite-suppressing properties. It can aid people in maintaining a healthy weight. Damiana has ursolic acid, a compound that can help reduce weight as it reduces fat absorption.

Are you seeking any weight-reduction remedy? Consult a doctor and ask about the Damiana and how to use this herb to achieve a healthy weight.

What if you Take Damiana in Excess Amount?

There is no clear understanding of damiana toxicity and overdoses in humans. A dose of 200 grams or more may result in convulsions. Symptoms comparable to rabies or strychnine poisoning may also occur.

Do you feel that you are taking excess Damiana or having life-threatening symptoms? Then, get medical attention right away.

Buy Damiana Extract From the Right Place


Do you want to buy Damiana extract at an affordable price? Get the best damiana liquid extract with Shea's Apothecary. Here, we have mentioned some of the top benefits of using the Damiana extract. These include:

Damiana is an excellent remedy for the nervous system. Due to its effects on the nervous system, it eases tension and anxiety.

Since it works well as a sexual tonic, it can keep up the overall health of your reproductive organs. In addition to that, it even aids in balancing the levels of hormones.

With its antidepressant effect, Damiana also has a stimulating tonic effect on the nerves. This aids with low confidence and encourages a sense of wellness.


The taste of this product is spicy, mildly bitter, and Astringent. 

Note: This product is not meant for diagnosing, curing, or preventing any ailment.

Price: $18.00


Damiana extract has many benefits and uses. For years, it has been a great aphrodisiac and an excellent remedy for weight reduction. Damiana is a popular herb for men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction. This herb also aids with digestion, inflammation, and overall vigor. 

Do you want to try Damiana extract? Buy damiana extract from a trusted provider to ensure the best quality product. Shea's Apothecary is one of the reputable providers of herbal products. We have everything that you need, from supplements to medications. Take a glance at our list of herbal extracts that may work for you in easing digestion, pain, or inflammation. Do get a recommendation from your doctor before buying any of our products. Click here to see through our vast collection of herbal extracts.

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