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Calming Herbal Tincture: Things You Need To Know About It

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The number of people who suffer from stress and anxiety is on a continuous increase. A hectic lifestyle with no time to care about yourself can bring major setbacks. To avoid such situations and keep living with a healthy mind & body, one must consider adopting herbal products in their life. The Adapto Calm a calming herbal tincture is a great solution for someone in a state of stress and requires calmness in their mind.


As herbal products are derived from natural resources, you don't have to worry about additives that you may think will affect your health. Suppose you are unsure whether calming herbal tincture is for you and what benefits it can offer to your body. In that case, you should continue reading this blog.

Here, we will discuss everything one must know about herbal and calm tinctures before using them for relief. Shea's Apothecary offers a variety of herbal tinctures and extracts with amazing healing properties. So after reading this blog, if you think the calming herbal tincture is for you, then you know where you can purchase them at the best prices.

What Is A Herbal Or Calm Tincture?

Herbal tinctures work as herbal medicine that maintains the wellness of a person's body. They can be consumed orally to treat health problems. It can also be consumed proactively.

When we talk about the calming herbal tincture in medical terms, they are known to be solutions that utilize alcohol and water as a solvent. Generally, they are produced using alcohol to obtain the active nutrients from the plants for the formation of concentrated liquid. This combination comes to be beneficial as the greater part of the entire plant is extracted and also increases the lifespan of the medicine.

To produce tinctures and extract the max amount of plant properties, alcohol is considered the best solvent for the entire process. Absorbing the healing compounds of the calming herbal tincture in the bloodstream becomes much easier with the alcohol process. On the other hand, if alcohol is not a suitable solvent for you, you can use a different solvent like glycerin, vinegar, or honey. The liquids formed by these solvents are typically not called-out tinctures but glycerites.

The origin of the tincture term was first derived from a Latin word known as tinctus. The meaning of tinctus is moistened or dipped. Later on, in Middle English, it was referred to as a tincture which refers to coloring. In the 17th century, the tincture term was used for describing the color of medicine or herbal solution. This reason was that tincture could replicate the color of the plant it is extracted from.

As studies are going on, many medical professionals can determine that the calming herbal tincture can reduce stress and increase the immunity of an individual.

What Unique Qualities Does The Herbal And Calm Tincture Offer?

Tinctures are known for their medicinal properties to help individuals live healthy lives. Considering they are extracted from the plants, they consist of chemicals that offer a boost to health. Many of the population are switching to a calm tincture for their treatments. On the other hand, people are also interested in other herbal tinctures because of the convenience and benefits. You should know these features if you are interested in calming herbal tincture.

The Calming Herbal Tincture Contains Alcohol

Alcohol is known worldwide for its medicinal qualities. It is considered to be an amazing antiseptic and disinfectant. It has properties that help in getting relief from pain. Tinctures also contain the extracts of alcohol because alcohol offers assistance in increasing its efficiency. For individuals suffering from stress and anxiety, the calming herbal tincture is quick to work and provides instant relief and calmness.

The Calming Herbal Tincture Is An Easy Solution

The best part about a calming herbal tincture is that they are convenient to use. Once you make a tincture such as Adapto Calm, you can easily use it whenever needed. Although herbal teas have healing effects, they must be made from scratch. But at Shea's Apothecary, you can also purchase herbal tea bags or tinctures, making the process of preparing tea much faster.

As many people find difficulty swallowing pills and tablets, tinctures are best for obtaining the same benefits without struggling with consumption. You can use a dropper to help children and older people to consume tinctures effectively.

The herbal medicines are known to have a strong and bitter taste. But with the calming herbal tincture, you don't have to face many difficulties. You can feel the benefits by consuming only a few drops; these small doses don't feel bitter.

Do you find more difficulties consuming herbal solutions? No problems, as you can use a little water with the calming herbal tincture to make it drinkable. As these tinctures are stored in small bottles, carrying them around becomes more convenient.

The Calming Herbal Tincture Is Strong

The calming herbal tincture is known to be highly concentrated. It tends to show positive results with only a small usage. The concentration levels of tinctures can be up to 10 times compared to tea. To gain maximum benefits of herbal tea, you must consume it multiple times in one day. On the other hand, you can gain the same benefits from the tincture by consuming only 2-3 drops per day.

You have the power to manage the alcohol levels inside the tinctures. Thus, you can make a tincture suitable for your condition by maintaining the concentration level.

The Calming Herbal Tincture Offers Quick Results

The calming herbal tincture must be directed to the mucus membrane under the tongue. These tinctures work very swiftly inside our body compared to other medicines that follow the digestive tract. The presence of alcohol in these tinctures promotes the absorption process of these herbs inside the body. When the highly concentrated tinctures and alcohol meet, they show amazing quick results.

For having such fast-acting properties, the tinctures are highly recommended for the conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. You get quick and efficient results for such problems and feel calm inside your body.

Herbal Tea Vs. Herbal Tinctures

When herbal remedies are concerned, herbal tinctures and tea come into our minds. These two herbal products have been ruling the market for several years now. Both offer amazing benefits, while some may be better than others in particular conditions. As more and more research is going on these herbal products, people have found both potencies in ailing some severe conditions too. But the question is, which one will be the best for you? Deciding on that will require you to understand the benefits and setbacks both offer.

Herbal Tea

This tea has been part of the daily beverage for many because of its various health benefits. It is made with water and herbal products and offers an amazing healing aroma. Considering its benefits and setbacks, remember that these products are a great solution to your medical problems despite having some setbacks.

  • The entire process of making herbal tea is a healing process. The aroma and consumption process of herbal tea is refreshing. Its consumption also offers relief to your throat and eliminates body impurities. Besides being this effective, people find the process of preparing it time-consuming. Also, you cannot preserve this tea and have to brew fresh tea every day.

  • Although the main attraction of herbal tea is herbs, water plays an essential role too during the entire process. Water contains vitamins and minerals, so it boosts the working of herbal tea. You may have to face a lot of bathroom breaks when you consume herbal tea.

  • Herbal tea is too affordable and can be prepared with bare minimum requirements. But the healing power of the tea is found to be comparatively weak. It can be because of using the wrong procedure or less effective herbs.

Herbal Tincture

The tinctures are made using alcohol or other solvents to extract the herbs. This herbal product has proven effective for many medical conditions, just like herbal tea.

It has certain benefits which are pretty convenient.

  • The calming herbal tincture is known for its fast work. It can greatly benefit conditions that require a fast cure. Even being fast in working, they are not entirely easy to make because a lot of stuff has to be considered while making them.

  • The calming herbal tincture is affordable if you consider preparing them yourself. Alcohol is a part of the tincture ingredient. If you can't handle alcohol, you may not like the tinctures. Still, other solvents can switch with alcohol, offering the same efficiency.

  • Alcohol can extract alkaloids and resins easily, whereas water may struggle. People find the calming herbal tincture expensive, but that's not the case if you shop from our website.

Deciding which will be the best for you depends on your requirements. You can consult a doctor to know which is more efficient for your condition.


The calming herbal tincture is a great natural cure for people suffering from stress, anxiety, physical & mental fatigue, and even those who have a weak immune system. Opting for a natural cure is the best way to avoid medical and treatment expenses.

We at Shea's Apothecary know the power of herbal products. All our products are rich with natural ingredients that offer amazing health benefits. Our shop is the best place to cater to all your needs if you are also looking for affordable and top-quality herbal products.

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