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The Organic Chai Tea For A Healthy Body And Lifestyle

Chai tea is a very common beverage in countries like India and China. However, in the West, this organic chai tea is linked with something very flavorful and spicy. This delicious beverage blends ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, black tea, and cardamom. Lately, chai tea has become very famous around the world because of its rich flavor.

organic chai tea

This drink is unique and has several health benefits as well. Chai tea can help you deal with problems such as a weak immune system, pain relief, and good heart health. It will also help alleviate your mood instantly. Let us see the health benefits of Indian chai/tea and how it can help deal with several problems.

What Is Chai Tea?

Chai tea is a beverage that offers a rich flavor, and its aroma can help elevate your mood. Chai is a traditional Indian beverage, but due to its advantages, it has traveled all over the world. The cardamom in chai tea can counterbalance the acids in our bodies. And the energizing and revitalizing effects of caffeine in black tea can assist in digesting all the acidic and heavy foods you eat.

There are varied ways to make chai tea but first, let’s find out all the advantages of Chai Tea Bags Organic.

Health Advantages Of Chai Tea

The several advantages of Chai Tea bags are written below.

Improves Digestion

Chai tea is good for your gut health. The ingredients in chai tea help keep your gut and digestive system healthy. Ginger is one of the most diverse ingredients in chai tea that provides oxygen to your body and assists in improving delivery and circulation. The proper oxygen supply to the body will help your organs work most effectively.

Black pepper is another ingredient that assists with digestive issues. Black pepper helps release digestive enzymes that will make digestion faster and better. The enzymes in the black pepper break down proteins and fats. A healthy digestive system can help you avoid other problems like liver problems, irritable bowel movements, etc.

Helps Boost Your Immune System

If you have a weak immune system and are getting sick often, you must try chai tea. If you take organic chai tea every day, it can help you boost the immune system. Cardamom contains a lot of Vitamin C, which is good for your immune system.

If you are looking at the benefits of Indian chai/tea, you can also check if your tea has black or green cardamom. Both the cardamoms have different benefits. Black cardamom is good for its antiseptic traits, and green cardamom is for body cleansing and sinus. However, both cardamoms have antimicrobial properties that can safeguard you against fungus, common cold, and bacteria.

Helps Relieve Nausea

The Indian chai/tea ingredient ginger is also known to relieve the feeling of nausea during pregnancy or general sickness. Ginger is beneficial for many reasons and works in several ways to keep us healthy.

The compounds that are found in ginger help relieve nausea and stomach pain. The anti-inflammatory property is good for any inflammation in the stomach or liver.

Improves Heart Health

Indian chai also takes care of your heart health, among several other things. The cinnamon in chai tea is known for reducing blood pressure and bad cholesterol in our bodies. It can also assist in fighting off diabetes and managing blood sugar levels.

How To Make Chai Tea With Tea Bags

Use Indian tea bags if you don’t know how to make chai tea. Here are some easy steps to help you make the tastiest chai tea to help soothe your problems.

Step 1

Water at a high temperature brings the best flavor out of our chai tea bags. First, put a kettle on the stove with boiling water.

Step 2

Once the water is at 212 F, dip your Indian tea bags in the boiling water and let the bag sit for four to five minutes.

Step 3

If you want, then you can add milk to your tea. Milk gives the tea a smooth texture.

Chai Tea Latte

If you are bored of having organic chai tea regularly, we have an alternative option to spice up your chai tea recipe. Let’s make this flavorsome chai tea latte.

Step 1:

Boil 2 cups of water in a pan on medium heat. Tear the teabags, put your chai tea in the pan, and let it bubble for five minutes.

Switch off the stove and add a sweetener (maple syrup or honey). Strain your chai concentrate through a sieve and let it cool down.

You can store the chai concentration for a couple of weeks. To make your latte, use half a cup of concentrate.

Step 2:

Add 3/4 th cup of milk with sweetener and cinnamon to a pan. Once it is boiled, let it cold down and make the liquid frothy using a blender or fork.

Step 3:

Mix your 1/2 chai concentrate and frothed milk to make a smooth and delicious cup of chai latte. Also, you can add a pinch of cinnamon to add extra flavor on top of your latte.

You can also make chai latte in various other versions, such as pumpkin spice and iced tea.


If you are facing digestion and nausea problems, get your hands on our organic Chai Tea now. Indian chai is not only good for taste but also for heart health and the immune system. The chai tea bags are made with special manila paper, making them durable and strong. The bags are also free of any kind of adhesive or glue and free of dioxins. If you plan to start living a healthy life, head to Shea’s Apothecary now.

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