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What Is Bacopa Extract? Its Benefits, Uses, And Side Effects

Bacopa or Bacopa monnieri is a popular ayurvedic plant that has been used for centuries as part of traditional ayurvedic medicine. In addition, this herbal medicine is quite popular from its name, Brahmi. While the studies are still on the run, it is said that this herb may increase certain brain chemicals that help with learning, thinking, and memory.

However, what is bacopa extract, and does it have any benefits or side effects? Go through this post to get all your answers regarding bacopa uses.

Understanding What Is Bacopa Extract

Bacopa has many names, out of which a common one is water hyssop. It is quite a popular herb and often comes in use in Ayurveda. The basic idea about having this herb is to improve cognitive function, anxiety relief, and overall health enhancement. In addition, this herb usually grows in wet, tropical environments, and this ability allows it to be part of aquarium use.

Some other names for Bacopa are as follows:

  • Brahmi

  • Bacopa Monnieri

  • Thyme-leafed Gratiola

  • Jalabrahmi

  • Lysimachia Monnieri L. Cent.

  • Indian Pennywort

  • Herpestis Monniera L. Kunth.

  • Andri

  • Graticola Monniero L. Cent.

  • Herb of grace

Also, it is important to note one must not confuse Bocopa with Cnidium Monnieri as it is a totally unrelated herb.

Bacopa Extract Benefits: What Are Brahmi Uses?

Now, as already mentioned, Brahmi, in particular, is known for its numerous ayurvedic properties. On top of that, it is highly rich in antioxidant properties. Furthermore, it has components like bacopasides and bacosides, which may enhance memory, cognition, and learning. You may even use it to prevent and lower inflammation in the brain.

There aren't many studies that confirm the health effects of Bacopa in a person. Mostly the studies which have been done focused on the prevention or treatment of various health problems. Sometimes, Gotu kola is also referred to as Brahmi. Therefore, it is crucial you not confuse it with Bacopa. Let's take a look at some of the popular uses and benefits of this ayurvedic herb:

Brain Function And Memory

There are multiple studies that suggest that bacopa extract may enhance cognitive function and preserve memory. According to one animal study, after taking the Bacopa supplement, mice displayed the ability to retain more information and better spatial learning.

Also, one more 12-week study in 46 adults found that consuming a 300 mg dose of this herb supplement significantly increased the ability to process visual details, memory, and learning rate compared to the placebo treatment.

Furthermore, another study of 60 older adults concluded that taking 300 or 600 mg of this herb extract enhanced attention, memory, and the ability to retain information more than the placebo treatment.

Anxiety & Stress

A few studies suggest that Bacopa may help change the activity of some specific enzymes related to the stress response. This indicates that Brahmi may aid brain functioning when a person is under stress.

Furthermore, in a 2014 study, the researchers analyzed this herb's effects on participants who indulged in many tasks. The results showed positive mood and cognitive outcomes and lower cortisol levels (a stress-related hormone) in individuals taking Bacopa.


A state like inflammation occurs when your body needs healing and wants to fight disease. But, this condition is often linked to multiple chronic states, such as cancer, kidney, heart, and diabetes.

In a few test-tube studies, Brahmi appeared to prevent the pro-inflammatory cytokines release, molecules that are responsible for stimulating the inflammatory immune response.

Additionally, in animal and test-tube studies, Bacopa inhibits enzymes like lipoxygenases, cyclooxygenases, and caspases, all of which have significant roles in pain and inflammation.

While all the studies have shown remarkable results in animals, more have to be performed to learn about this herb's effect on humans.

Blood Pressure Levels

Maintaining your blood pressure levels is essential, as high blood pressure can lead to many health concerns. High blood pressure can strain your blood vessels and heart, resulting in a weaker heart and more risk of developing heart conditions.

A few research mentions that Brahmi may aid in keeping blood pressure levels within a suitable range. Also, in an animal study, Bacopa lowered diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels, leading to lower blood pressure and greater blood flow.

Also, one more study mentioned that Brahmi decreased the blood pressure levels in rats with high levels of it. However, there were no such effects i