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Angelica Roots Extract, Benefits, And Its Side Effects

Updated: Mar 3

Sometimes natural herbs with medicinal value help to ease health issues more than actual medicines. The Angelica root is one of those herbs that aid in reducing multiple health issues. Although there is no research about using Angelica Roots and its extracts, it may control and handle health problems like digestion, menstruation, respiration, and anxiety.

To know more about the Angelica herb and to take all in about its medicinal values, let's dig deep and find out about its benefits, uses, and possible side effects.

What Is Angelica Herb?

The Angelica herb has a scientific name, "Angelica Archangelica." This plant is native to Northern portions, specifically Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, and the Himalayas. The roots of this herb are often part of herbal commerce. At the same time, its seeds, shoots, and leaves have medicinal properties to cure contagious diseases.

According to the clinical study, Angelica is a warm, oily, fragrant, and diffusive remedial herb with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. In addition, this herb is a sweet-bitter that has been placed for centuries to help digestion and reduce stomach aches. Also, its diffusive property improves circulation to the lungs and uterus by bringing blood to the surface.

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The Angelica herb is found helpful in alleviating deep lung infections and respiratory problems. And as a reproductive tonic, it relieves blockage of the uterus and helps ease cramping and painful menstruation.

Atropurpurea is an American Angelica herb that benefits the human body in multiple ways. It helps the body detoxify, reduce blood pressure, respiratory issues, and menstrual pain, and relieve pain and inflammation. Also, it encourages sound sleep, boosts the immune system, and aids digestion.



Common Name

Angelica, archangel, garden angelica, wild celery, wild parsnip, holy ghost, masterwort

Parts Used

Root, seeds, leaf, stem


Bitter Pungent Sweet


Dry Warm


2 oz, 4 oz


$ 18.00

Angelica Root Benefits