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What Is Artichoke Leaf Extract Good For & Where To Buy It?


Nowadays, If you think you are healthy, you should give it a second thought because no one can assure himself of being healthy. Frequent exposure to dirt, pollution and an unhealthy diet can affect your liver health, digestive system, and cholesterol at some level.

This constant unhealthy exposure leads to a person juggling between different health problems. And in such a situation, it is better to rely on organic products rather than taking medicines to improve your health naturally.

Artichoke leaf is one of the natural mediums that have the potential to cure all such kinds of problems by itself. It is basically a single healing product for multiple health issues. Let's dig deep and find out about the benefits of Artichoke leaf extract and the best place to buy it.


What Is Artichoke Leaf?

Artichoke leaf is a herb that is scientifically known as Cynara Cardunculus. It is a medicinal plant with roots, stems, and leaves that people can use for making medicines.

It can be taken as food (capsule and gelcap) or a form of a patch that helps to reduce vomiting, gas, vomiting, and spasms. Also, it supports different internal organs for smooth functioning.

What Is Artichoke Leaf Extract Good For?

Artichoke leaf extract has extensive uses as a medicinal plant. So, let's find out how the artichoke leaf extracts suit the human body and its well-being.

  • Natural Amount of Cholesterol

One of the most significant benefits of Artichoke consumption is that it helps reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Furthermore, it increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

The feedback of about 700 people who regularly consumed the Artichoke leaf extract for 6 to 12 weeks stated that it helped them lower "bad" LDL cholesterol.


  • Healthy Liver Function

The extracts of Artichoke leaf produce bile in the liver, aiding in removing dangerous toxins from the liver. There was a survey of 100 people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

It was found that the daily consumption of a dosage (600 mg) of artichoke extract for about two months improved their liver function.

Researchers believe that the two types of antioxidants in Artichoke leaf- silymarin and cynarin are responsible for lowering liver inflammation.


  • Well Digestive Health

Undoubtedly, many of us are worried about our health or body wellness. You should know that the properties of Artichoke leaf help you with stomach pain, bloating, cramping, heartburn, gas, and nausea. Also, it enables you to enhance your gut microbiome.

Furthermore, it retains the good bacteria in the digestive system while improving indigestion. Apart from these, the consumption of Artichoke leaf can also lighten your mood and helps people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

One research found the Artichoke extract as effective as antidiarrheals (help with bowel movements) and laxatives (help empty your bowels).


  • Strong Immunity

The immunity level in a person shows how fit the person is and how capable his body is of facing risky external elements. About 70% of the immunity level is found in the stomach, and the artichoke leaf helps to boost it naturally.

This leaf extract helps to prepare your body, giving a better reaction to infection and reaching homeostasis.


  • Anti-Aging

According to a review in 2018, the extract of Artichoke has Anti-Aging properties that lower inflammation and increase blood circulation in our skin. It helps in decreasing roughness and sagging and enhances our beauty.


  • Control Blood Pressure

The Artichoke leaf extract consists of anti-hypertensive elements that help people with lower blood pressure and mild hypertension. Also, per one of the research, the eNOS enzyme contained in artichoke leaf gives extra support to handle cardiovascular health.


  • Anticancer Properties

The research on Artichoke leaf has also revealed that the anticancer properties of the Artichoke extract also help in cancer treatment. The extract of Artichoke helps slow cell growth that leads to cancer.


  • Help In Lowering Blood Sugar

Artichoke has an alpha-glucosidase enzyme that breaks starch into glucose, impacting blood sugar. As per one study, regular consumption of artichoke extract and kidney beans for two straight months can lower blood sugar.

Another study states that consuming boiled Artichoke as a meal may drastically decrease insulin levels and blood sugar after 30 minutes of eating.


  • Memory

It has been revealed that the extracts of Artichoke Leaf have tropics that improve your memory. Still, they only can target some particular areas of the memory.

For instance, consuming Artichoke leaves might help you with memory consolidation or short-term memory.


  • Support General Health

The artichoke leaf benefits the overall health of a person as it contains different levels of nutrients like:

VitaminBenefitsVitamin AProtect skin, eyes, and bonesVitamin KSupport heart, cognitive, and bone healthVitamin CEnhance immune systemProteinImprove muscle strength and support hormonal controlIronImproves muscle stamina, hemoglobin, and immune functionAntioxidantsDecreases oxidative stress and lower cell damagePotassiumControl muscle contractions, fluid balance, and nerve signals


Side Effects Of Artichoke Leaf

Before consuming the Artichoke Leaf, one has to be aware of its side effects that one might feel in some specific conditions.

Diuretic Reaction

One of the reactions of Artichoke leaf that can occur to some people is the diuretic reaction, in which people with specific conditions might feel repeated urination.

Problem With the Liver And Gallbladder

The Artichoke leaf is indeed beneficial for the liver. Still, people with severe liver problems should be alert while consuming it because the veggie that recovers the bile flow in the liver may react in some conditions.


People allergic to herbs like marigolds, lilies, daisies, and other plants might feel rashes or hives, itching, swallowing, and respiratory issues.

How To Choose An Artichoke Extract Product?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not balance supplements. That is why it is vital to select appropriate Artichoke Products, as the FDA doesn't suggest a certain dosage of artichoke leaf extract. Some essential factors that one needs to consider while choosing Artichoke products are:

  • Consult with a healthcare expert for suggestions.

  • Consumption of products that show all their ingredients.

  • Study the company and go through its product reviews.

  • Select brands that appear for third-party testing

Where To Buy Artichoke Leaf Extract?

If you are thinking of buying an Artichoke leaf, Shea's Apothecary is the place for you. We have various products of Artichoke leaf extract that you can apply for your health betterment. Our products, like vitamins and topical herbal patches, teas, and tinctures, have the potential to reduce high blood pressure, immunity problems, indigestion, and many more.

To place an order for an Artichoke product, dial us at 916 208-9096 or mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Artichoke Leaf Extract Good For?

The Artichoke leaf's different parts, such as its stem, root, and leaf, are used as medicine. It reduces several health problems like nausea, gas, vomiting, and spasms. Also, it helps to lower cholesterol levels and protect the liver. Individuals usually enjoy it as food.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Artichokes?

A common side effect a person might feel using Artichokes leaf is intestinal gas. Also, several allergic reactions can occur in people allergic to the herbs such as daisies, marigolds, and other similar plants.

Do The Extracts Of Artichoke Leaf Help With Belly Fat?

The blend of probiotics and prebiotics form a belly with fine bacteria. This formed bacteria support to collide with fat storage and decrease inflammation.

When Should I Take The Artichoke Leaf Extract?

The recommended dosage timing of the Artichoke is three times a day. You might need to take it for around six weeks to feel changes and to see its effects. For most people, the usual regular dosage of artichoke extract lies between 1,240 and 1,800 mg.

Do The Extracts Of Artichoke Leaf Help Your Kidneys?

Yes, the Artichoke leaf is beneficial against HC and HC-related renal harm and increased blood glucose levels.

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