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Vibrational Sound Therapy 

Vibrational Sound Therapy 

The ultimate destination for Vibrational Sound Therapy. Our Sound Healing Therapies feature Solfeggio Frequency and Binaural Beat Music to help you relax and feel transformed.


Solfeggio frequencies align with Earth’s natural frequency and in turn with our chakra system. It is believed to have healing and harmonizing effects on the body and mind, as it resonates with the brain waves and releases emotional blockages throughout our body.


Binaural beats are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and memory, and relieve pain, help you achieve a more relaxed, focused, and creative state of mind.


Healing sound frequencies baths your body as you relax on a specialized sound table equipped with low-frequency transducers pulsating through a Crystal Bio-Mat of amethyst and tourmaline that balances the whole body and chakra system.


The effect on the body and consciousness is truly sensational. This treatment can help relieve anxiety, stress, PTSD, pain disorders, fibromyalgia, neurological issues, and mental entrainment, release blockages, shift low energy of guilt & fear, and align to higher vibrational states.


Experience the transformative power of our Healing Sounds and Music as they pulse through your body, mind, and spirit. Book a session today and relax on our specialized sound table while healing sound frequencies bathe your body. It is truly like an internal massage.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

30 mins $35

1hr $55

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