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Topical Vitamin Patches: Do They Really Work?

Our body needs vitamins to work optimally. When we cannot get the required vitamins with diet, supplements can play a crucial role in fulfilling our needs. Vitamin patches are a type of dietary supplement that you can use by simply applying to your skin. Place a patch and let it soak the vitamins into your skin and then into your bloodstream.


Vitamin Patches may be popular these days, but they have been around for decades. They have been in use since 1979, and the initial vitamin patches were used to cure motion sickness. It shows that they are much more than dietary supplements. Moreover, compared to oral pills, these patches can give you up to 10X more nutrient absorption.

Some vitamin patches ensure you an increased level of vitamins or minerals. These may include Vitamin C, B vitamins, and melatonin. Topical vitamin patches are available nearly everywhere, and you can quickly gain several vital nutrients. Read further to know more about the effects of vitamin patches.

Benefits of Topical Vitamin Patches

Our body requires about 30 vitamins, minerals, and dietary components. That is why it is essential to take the right vitamins and minerals through supplements. Whatever nutrients you consume help in the healing process, safeguard immune systems, and strengthen bones. Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B9 are some examples of vital nutrients.

Do you want to raise your vitamin and nutrient intake? Then a topical vitamin patch may be the best choice for you. These are some of the benefits of taking topical vitamin patches:

  • Weight loss

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced joint pain

  • Boost immunity

  • Alleviate menopausal symptoms

  • Relief from hangovers

People applying vitamin patches can keep away the unpleasant side effects they may sometimes experience with pills. Also, those who have trouble swallowing pills can go for these patches. A vitamin patch offers a constant supply of vitamins compared to a single pill dosage.

Can Wearing Topical Vitamin Patches Really Work?

The nutrients from the vitamin patches go into your bloodstream through your capillaries and maintain nourishment. For someone who is going to have bariatric surgery, topical vitamin patches can be a great alternative. They do not have to swallow any capsules or tablets to get the vitamins.

When you place the patches on your skin, the nutrients of these patches are activated. Unlike oral supplements, vitamin patches do not cause any side effects like an upset stomach.

Find the Most Effective Topical Vitamin Patches

Vitamin D3 with K2


For boosting calcium absorption and improving mental well-being, our vitamin D3 with K2 is a beneficial supplement. This product is also suitable for bone density and blood circulation. It is also gluten-free.

Vitamin D is vital for balancing mood, regulating immune function, and keeping bones healthy. Over 50 percent of US citizens have a deficiency of Vitamin D. While taking vitamin D supplements; it is also vital to supplement with vitamin K2.

The D3 K2 topical patch pack comes with 30 patches and five sheets, equal to 6 patches per sheet. The size of each patch is 1.5 inches square and has a shelf life of three years.

The product is not designed to cure, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition. Keep the patches in their zip lock storage bag, and they shouldn't be exposed to extreme heat and moisture.

Vital Nutrient Support


Our Vital Nutrient Support is another supplement to meet all your nutrient requirements and keeps you healthy. It consists of essential micronutrients that can help you save several chronic ailments at bay. If you want to raise your energy levels or enhance your overall health, our Vital Nutrient Support is the ideal choice.

It is full of complete B complex, including CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Potassium Iodide, Caratenoid mix, Choline bitartrate, Resveratrol, and Astaxanthin. The package comprises 30 patches and five sheets (6 patches per sheet).

Just peel one patch from the backing and place it on clean and dry skin. Avoid reusing the patch. Consult your healthcare provider before using our Vital Nutrient Support or other supplements. Also, pregnant or nursing women must avoid using these patches. Keep it away from children.

Mega B+ Mega Vitamin B with Methylcobalamin B-12


An all-natural way to improve memory is our Mega B+ Mega Vitamin B with Methylcobalamin B-12. The product aids in lessening fatigue, stress, and feelings of laziness. It is also an excellent choice for those suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. As per a trusted source, although somebody has only one drawback, a complete B-complex vitamin supplement can be better.

Vitamin B12 aids in keeping the nerves and red blood cells (RBCs) healthy. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in nerve pain, dizziness, balance issues, depression, and more.

The Mega B+ Mega Vitamin B with Vitamin B12 topical patch comes with 30 patches and five sheets. Each patch has a size of 1.5 inches square with rounded corners. The shelf life of the patches is three years.

Use the patch on your clean, dry skin; it should be free of oils or hair. Make sure that you do not reuse the patch. Store the patches in the zip lock storage bag. Keep them away from excessive heat and moisture.


Topical vitamin patches are highly effective for raising your nutrition level. There can be many reasons to take these supplements. But the major one is to gain nutrients that you may not be able to get in high amounts through diet.

You must try these patches if you do not want to use any oral supplement. We recommend consulting your doctor before adding these patches to your routine.

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