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Do Body Detox Patches Work? Are They Worth Buying?

Detox patches are used for releasing toxins from the body when you are sleeping at night. These over-the-counter products are sticky patches that a person places on the bottom of their feet before going to bed.

It is seen that as the person wakes up in the morning, they notice the pad has turned discolored. Moreover, the pad may become stained with a brown or blackish hue. Thus, as per the manufacturers, this is the proof that the product has effectively removed harmful toxins from the body.

Is It Necessary To Detoxify Your Body?

Your body already has in-built detoxification systems, which comprise your kidneys and liver. There may be no need for any external remedy to detoxify. But your body is likely to get exposed to several pollutants or contaminants daily. In response, it releases metabolites whose levels are controlled via several mechanisms.

So, the body ensures that it keeps up a balance of its own without the necessity for any external detoxification remedy.

Have a nutrient-rich diet, do physical exercises, and get enough sleep to keep your body in fine shape. If you see any signs of illness, reach out to a professional.

What Are Some Natural Ways Of Detoxification?

As we have already mentioned, our body detoxifies naturally. Daily, our systems function to convert the toxic elements into less harmful compounds that the body may take out. However, there is no strong evidence proving whether supplements or limiting intake of certain foods may help in detoxification.

  • Eat foods that are contaminant-free

  • Drink more water as it will help in taking out water-soluble toxins from the body.

  • Reduce the intake of processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.

  • Eat more fibrous foods or foods that are highly rich in complex carbs.

  • Raise consumption of foods rich in antioxidants like fresh fruits, colorful vegetables, and dry fruits.

  • Get some relaxation in a sauna.

  • Add some probiotic foods like curds or unsweetened yogurt to your diet. These can aid in raising intestinal microflora.

Types Of Toxins

Toxic substances can bring a lot of risks, like damage to the brain, central nervous system, and liver. Apart from that, they can make the immune system fragile, which would make it more prone to illness. In the worst scenarios, they feed viruses, parasites, and even cancer, raising the risk of diseases.

Toxins or toxic substances are often categorized as:


These toxic elements are the results of bacterial and viral infections and even by-products of bacteria in any of the intestines.


Exogenous toxins result from various drugs, stimulants, carbon monoxide, and processed foods. Skincare products are also the contributors of such toxins.


The body's metabolism leads to the production of autogenous toxins. These may be the free radicals produced as the cells convert food into energy.

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Do Body Detox Patches Work? Is It True?

People often ask, "Do body detox patches really work?”. There is no conclusive evidence proving whether detox patches work or not. The makers of these patches claim that their products remove harmful toxins from the body when you sleep at night. Some companies or makers also say that their products can aid in headaches, depression, insomnia, and diabetes.

What else do body detox patches do? If you sleep with the detox patches on, they are likely to turn dark, the manufacturer claims. However, some also claim that these foot pads are beneficial in weight reduction and lowering blood pressure.

These are very safe to use, but they may not be able to give the dramatic results that you desire.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using These Foot Pads?

There are potential side effects associated with the use of detox foot patches. The ones having wood or bamboo vinegar may give you some side effects. In wood vinegar, there is an active ingredient, pyroligneous acid. This can lead to an allergic reaction in some people. If you experience something like that, it is good to stop using such patches right away and speak to a healthcare professional.

How One Should Use Detox Foot Patches?

When you want to use detox patches, you need to consider a few things. Here are all the steps you need to stick to while applying a detox foot patch:

  • Take the packet and peel off the paper in the center of the sticky sheet.

  • After that, take out the patch and spread it out.

  • Place the patch on the sticky sheet.

  • Peel the remnant bits of paper from the sides and stick them on your feet.

Usage Of Detox Patch

Detox foot patches are good to use if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Pain in the legs, shoulders, or arms

  • Weakened immune system because of strong medication.

  • Sleep disorders like insomnia

  • Feet and calves become swell easily

  • Sitting on a desktop or laptop for hours.

Why Do These Patches Stain Or Turn Black?

As per the makers of the detox patches, the patches turn black as they remove various toxic elements. These may include parasites and heavy metals. But, to support this statement, there is no conclusive evidence or data. Also, according to some studies, these patches may become stained due to extreme exposure to sweat.

Which Is The Best Detox Patch To Buy?

On the market, the best detox foot patch is the Detox & Renew. It is a potent product that aids in toxins removal and supports healthy cell growth. Are you suffering from any pain, acne, or digestion issues? It is time for you to have a detox. Each pack comes with 30 patches, five sheets per pack. There are six patches in every sheet, and the size of each patch is about 1.5 inches square, having rounded edges.

Detox & Renew is rich in Glutathione and vitamin C. It consists of 200 mg of Glutathione, 100 mg of vitamin C, and 300 mg of active ingredients.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced in the cells. The levels of this antioxidant in the body reduce as you age or when you feel stressed. You can have significant health benefits of Glutathione by raising its levels, which may also include reduced oxidative stress. The other benefits of Glutathione are reduced ulcerative colitis damage and reduced cell damage in alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

When we talk about health benefits, Vitamin C is not behind. It also boosts antioxidant levels and can aid in lowering blood pressure and risk of heart ailment. Vitamin C is also good for protecting against gout attacks, lowering the risk of dementia, and boosting immunity.

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